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Vacuum Pump and Hose for use with Vacuum Desiccators

Glass Vacuum Desiccators and Desiccant

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Economy Glass Vacuum Desiccators

Economy Vacuum Desiccators These economy glass vacuum desiccators are sealed on flat ground flanges. Made of thick wall, annealed, vacuum grade, soda lime glass. The top of the lid includes a glass stopcock with connection for a vacuum hose. The glass desiccators can also be used with desiccant to store sample in a dust-free and low moisture environment. Includes plastic plate with holes; cavity below the plate should be used for #19960 bulk desiccant. Use #891-7 silicon based vacuum grease on sealing surfaces for a perfect seal. Available in three sizes; small, medium and large.
Model Prod. # Outside Dimensions Inside Storage Dimensions Amount of Desiccant Used Volume Stopcock Size
Small 2277-15 Ø210 x 220mm
Ø8.25" x 8.67"
Ø150 x 90mm
Ø6" x 3.54"
227 gram
0.5 lb
1.5 L Ø17mm
Medium 2277-40 Ø270 x 320mm
Ø10.63" x 12.6"
Ø210 x 120mm
Ø8.25" x 4.75"
454 gram
1 lb
4.0 L Ø21.2mm
Large 2277-60 Ø300 x 360mm
Ø12" x 14.2"
Ø240 x 140mm
Ø9.45" x 5.9"
681 gram
1.5 lbs
6.0 L Ø21.2mm

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
2277-15 Economy Glass Vacuum Desiccator, small, 1.5 L each $41.50
2277-40 Economy Glass Vacuum Desiccator, medium, 4.0 L each 69.55
2277-60 Economy Glass Vacuum Desiccator, large, 6.0 L each 98.00

Vacu-Storr™ High Vacuum Storage Containers

Vacu-Storr™ High Vacuum Storage Container
Prod. No. 6086
Vacu-Storr™ High Vacuum Storage Container
Prod. No. 6087
Vacu-Storr vacuum storage container
Prod. No 6088
Vacu-Storr large vacuum container
Prod. No 6089

The Vacu-Storr™ high vacuum storage containers (desiccators) were developed to store materials which are sensitive to dust, moisture, oxygen and other gases found in the environment. The Vacu-Storr™ is capable of pumping down to vacuum levels of 10-4 mbar. With a higher conductance valve and capable pump even 10-6 mbar is achievable. The clean design of these high-tech desiccators with soda-lime glass containers, nickel-plated aluminum cap, viton vacuum seal and metal valve with PTFE shaft seal is capable of holding a vacuum for 5 years to 0.1 bar (atmosphere). Vacuum connection for pump-down is 1/4" (6.35mm) barb fitting. Shielded with protective plastic mesh for implosion protection. Lid and mesh color may vary. Available in four sizes:

Model Product


(mm / ")
(mm / ")
Inside height
(mm / ")
Total Height
(mm / ")
Small 6086 40 41 / 1.6" 54 / 2.2" 30 / 1.2" 95 / 3.75"
Medium 6087 320 76 / 3" 85 / 3.3" 71 / 2.8" 140 / 5.5"
Large 6088 680 76 / 3" 90 / 3.5" 150 / 5.5" 190 / 8.2"
X-Large 6089 3800 (1 gallon) 140 / 5.5" 153 / 6" 305 / 12" 350 / 13.8"

Storage applications:
  • Moisture sensitive parts such as integrated circuits, rare earth elements, steel, metals
  • Superconducting materials
  • Oxygen reactive materials such as magnesium and lithium
  • Elemental standards for EDS, WDS, EPMA, micro-XRF
  • SEM/TEM samples
  • Pre-cleaned parts
  • Shipping sensitive parts

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
6086 Vacu-Storr™ High vacuum Storage Container, 40cc each $155.00
6087 Vacu-Storr™ High vacuum Storage Container, 320cc each 270.00
6088 Vacu-Storr™ High vacuum Storage Container, 680cc each 325.00
6089 Vacu-Storr™ High vacuum Storage Container, 3800cc (1 gallon) each 470.00

desiccant cartridge

Cartridge Desiccant

Eliminate the messy, time-consuming job of changing loose desiccant. Convenient, easy-to-handle Desiccant in a Cartridge fits into the bottom section of standard glass or plastic desiccators. The cartridge consists of a durable polyester-felt bag with a perforated Mylar® cover sealed in place. It is filled with indicating silica gel beads which change color from blue when dry to pink when moist. Saturated gel can be regenerated in a 300°F (150°C) vented oven for 3 hours or more (depending on size) until blue color returns. May be reactivated repeatedly without degradation. Individually sealed in a moisture-proof pouch.

Prod # desiccator
lbs. kg
2240-3 160mm 114mm 1/2 0.23
2244-3 200mm 197mm 1-1/2 0.68
2246-3 250mm 238mm 3 1.36

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
2240-3 Cartridge Desiccant, 114mm dia. each $40.00
2244-3 Cartridge Desiccant, 197mm dia. each 87.00
2246-3 Cartridge Desiccant, 238mm dia. each 142.00