Specifications for the
208HRD High Resolution Sputter Coater

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Sputter head Planar magnetron
Quick target change
Wrap-around dark-space shield
Shutter for target conditioning
Targets Cr, Pt/Pd, Ir (see full target list)
Sputter supply Microprocessor based
Safety interlock
Constant current control independent of vacuum
Digitally selectable current (20, 40, 60 or 80mA)
Chamber size 150mm OD (6")
Includes short 65mm chamber. Vertical deposition distances to RPT can be varied by the addition of 15mm height metal spacer rings (2 included). Optional stationary stage with tall 150mm chamber and additional spacer ring available (#7021-208HR).
Sample stage Non-repetitive rotary, planetary motion with manual tilt 0-90°
Variable speed rotation
Crystal head
4 sample holders (specify when ordering, see Sample Holders)
Analog metering Vacuum Atm - 0.001mb
Current 0-100mA
Voltage 0 – 500V
Control method Automatic operation of gas purge and leak functions
Automatic process sequencing
Digital timer (1-600 sec) with pause
Automatic venting
Thickness control MTM-20 controller with terminating facility

Pumping System

Configuration Turbo/diaphragm backing pump combination
Pumping speed 67 l/sec.
Pumpdown Time Approximately 10 min. to 4 x 10-5 mbar
Ultimate pressure Approximately 8 x 10-6 mbar

Thickness Controller

MTM-20 Microprocessor based
4 digit display, push button zero
6MHz crystal with lifetime check
5 times/sec update rate (more information)
Thickness range 0.0 - 999.9nm
Resolution 0.1nm
Density range 0.50 - 30.00gm/cm3
Tooling factor range 0.25 - 8.00
Termination range 0 - 999.9nm

Services Required

Electrical 100-120 or 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz, (please specify)
Power 550VA max.
Argon gas Purity, min. 99.995%
Pressure regulated 5 - 6 psi (0.4 bar)
Hose connection, 6.0mm (1/4") ID hose

System Dimensions

Size Width 600mm (23.6"), Depth 600mm (23.6"), Height 450mm (17.7") (with pump)
Weight 40kg (88.5 lbs) (with pump)