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Motic® Images Advanced 3.2

Complete List of features for the Motic® Images Plus 2.0 Software

Motic® Images Advanced 3.2 image analysis software provides the tools for professional image analysis. It can be used for analyzing fluorescent images and segment images by RGB or gray scale. Motic® Images Advanced 3.2 has all the features and tools offered in the Motic® Images 2.0 software and many more features for professional image processing and analysis.

Additional features in Motic® Images Advanced 3.2 are:

Enhanced Image Processing

  • Image filters to improve feature definition
  • Image filters for edge detection
  • 3-D image presentation
Motic Images Advanced 3.2 3-D Image Presentation

RGB Segmentation and Processing

  • Segmentation to RGB or gray scale levels
  • Choice of auto and manual mode
  • Binary images processing tools
Motic Images Advanced 3.2 RGB Segmentation

Measuring Functions

  • Advanced measuring functions including area, perimeter, width, radius, circumference and angle calculation
  • Measure immediately by selecting defined parts of the image
  • Magnifier function (zoom) increases precision of measurements
  • Data export to spreadsheet or database for further analysis
Motic Images Advanced 3.2 Measuring Functions

Motic® Multi Focus

  • Assembles fully focused image from a vertical stack
  • Software routines identify focused areas in each image
  • Compensates automatically for minor image shifts
Motic Images Advanced 3.2 Multi Focus

Motic® Image Assembly

  • Assembles multiple images in one plane to one image
  • Software identifies overlap and shifts
  • Allows to build high-magnification images of the entire specimen

Motic Images Advanced 3.2 Image Assembly
Operating Platform: Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP
Operating System: P3 1.0Ghz, 256MB RAM
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