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Stereo Microscope Overview
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Digital Cameras for use with Stereo and Compound Light Microscopes

Digital Microscope / Camera Software
Motic® Images Plus 2.0ML


Most Digital cameras in the market today only give you the ability to capture single frames. Motic® Imaging Products provide you a vast assortment of functions allowing you to view live video, capture images, manipulate and measure. Motic® Software helps to create a vivid and dynamic teaching aid for instructors as well as precise tools for technical use.


  • Instantly capture still images
  • Obtain still images at programmed intervals that you set
  • Set live Image size
  • Image captures size
  • Show full screen real-time live images on your computer
  • Record images in an AVI format detailing development and /or movement of a specimen being watched

Measure and Export

  • Compute entire area or portions of an image
  • Have measuring tool in line, Ellipse, Circle, polygon, rectangle, irregular shapes and angles
  • Choose from line, Ellipse, Circle, rectangle, irregular shape and polygon measuring tools.
  • Several measurement parameters
  • Uses an easy & automatic calibration process

Distance Image Sharing

  • Activate distant Image Sharing through an Internet connection to view real-time images
  • Share information with a colleague or check an experiment from a remote location
  • Send and receive images on-line using built-in menus
  • Save images in JPG, BMP, MIG and TIFF, easily emailed or printed


  • Amalgamate images of different focal depths into a united one-layer clear image
  • Combine using different methods such as by proportion, subtraction, or addition, etc.

Image Processing

  • Process the image with a variety of filters
  • Adjust brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Red, Green, Blue
  • Process effects of Invert, Relief, Sharp, Smooth, Mosaic, Grey-Scale, Mirror


  • Draw beelines, circles, rectangles and irregular figures in the current image
  • Add icons to images
  • Annotate the images

Sound Recording

  • Record audio narration to accompany MIG still-image files

Count and Export

  • Automatic object or cell counting
  • Simply select an area in a captured image,and dimension and size information for the cells is counted with just one click
  • Data can be exported to spreadsheet or database programs for further analysis


  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Generate reports quickly and easily
  • Use captured or manipulated images
  • No need for additional software
  • Print reports for further discussion


  • Add or modify measurements and sound on an image even after it is saved
  • Great for group projects where more than one narrator can be used
  • Exclusive SFC file format enables this feature
  • Software plays MP3 files so you can listen while you work


  • Automatic amalgamation quickly combines several images
  • Increase depth of field by combining different focuses of a specimen
  • Advanced version of Motic® Images 2000 1.2 amalgamation feature.

Complete List of features for the Motic® Images Advanced 3.2 Software
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