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Calibration Specimens
and Measuring Standards

calibration specimens for SEM, TEM, AFM / SPM, FIB, EDS / WDS and optical microscopes

Atomic Force Microscopy and Scanning Probe Microscopy Calibration

Scanning Electron Microscopy Calibration
Back Scattered Electron Test Specimens
Mounts and Adapters for SEM Calibration

Transmission Electron Microscopy and STEM Test Specimens

EDS/WDS/EPMA/XPS Analysis Standards
PELCO® XCS - EDS Calibration Standards
EDS/WDS/XPS Reference Standards (UHV-EL)
SEM/X-Ray Calibration (X-CHECKER)
Faraday Cup for Electron Beam Current Measurement
PELCO® NiOx for Analytical Electron Microscope (AEM)
Synthetic Particle Specimen for Gunshot Residue SEM/EDX Calibration

FIB, Focus Ion Beam Standards
Resolution / Magnification same as: Scanning Electron Microscopy Calibration

Forensic - GSR
Synthetic Particle Specimen for Gunshot Residue SEM/EDX Calibration

Calibration Guides / Software
Magnification Calibration Calculator, 2000 lines/mm
Ultrastructure Size Calculator

Light Microscope Calibration
Pelcotec™ LMS-20G Large Area Calibration Standard
Dual, Graduated, Metric and Inch Scale Stage Micrometer for Transmitted Light
Micro-Ruler MR-1
Linear Glass Scales
Standard Stage Micrometers
PRO Stage Micrometers
England Finder S7 Slide
Counting Chamber/Counting Slides
Fluorescence Reference Slides

Exclusively from
Ted Pella, Inc.

Magnification Calibration Calculator, 2000 lines/mm

Use this guide in conjunction with a 2000 lines/mm (500nm pitch) cross line grating replica for accurate determination and calibration of TEM, SEM, AFM, and STM magnification. By measuring the distance between the lines of the replica pattern, the image magnification can be read directly from the calculator.

2000 lines/mm or 500nm grating replica specimens - our catalog numbers 673, 674 series, 677, 677-AFM, and 677-STM.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
253 Magnification Calibration Calculator, 2000 lines/mm each $9.95

electron microscope ultrastructure size calculator

Ultrastructure Size Calculator

Convenient Pocket-sized slide rule calculator for quick ultrastructure measurements. Gives the actual size represented by each millimeter on a micrograph at any magnification. The magnification range is x10 to x100,000. Readings are shown in µm, nm and Å and represent each 1mm on the micrograph. English, French and German. Waterproof card, 80 x 170mm (3.15" x 6.7").

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
250 Ultrastructure Size Calculator each $4.95