Anti-Static & Static Control Products

We offer a range of product which can help to eliminate or prevent annoying static charging. Static charging can cause electric shocks, failure of sensitive electronics, dust clinging to surfaces and difficulties handling small samples. Eliminating or preventing static charging will also reduce the amount of dust particles attracted to the charged surfaces. Avoiding static charge and discharge is especially important for applications such as: TEM grid preparation nanoparticle

  • SEM preparation micro-manipulating samples or small parts
  • Micro-parts assembly
  • Working with charge sensitive electronic components
  • Working with or on electronic equipment

The products we offer for static reduction and elimination are:

Zerostat3 Anti-Static Gun
Anti-Static Gun
Staticide Antistatic Solutions
Staticide® Antistatic Solution
& Wipes

Static Dissipative Brush

Static Dissipative &
Anti-Static Brushes

Anti-Static Applicators

Anti-Static Applicators

Anti-Static Gloves
Anti-Static, Cleanroom Gloves
Anti-Static Weighing Dishes and Pour Boats
Anti-Static Weighing Dishes
Static Free Cup
Static-Free Cups
Carbon Fiber Tipped Tweezers
ESD Safe, PTFE Tipped,
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Tweezers

ESD-Safe Carbon Wafer Handling Tweezers
ESD-Safe Carbon Wafer Handling

Anti-Static Tweezers
Anti-Static, Plastic Tweezers
choose Glass Filled Delrin®,
Anti-Static PVDF or
ESD Safe Celcon® POM

ESD Epoxy Coated Tweezers
PELCO® Pro ESD Safe Epoxy,
Precision Tweezers, 8 styles
PELCO® Ergonomic, ESD, Soft Grip Tweezers
PELCO® Ergonomic, ESD,
Soft Grip
ESD Ergonomic Tweezers with foam grips - clean room safe
PELCO® ESD Ergonomic

Zerostat3 Anti-Static Gun

ZEROSTAT3 Anti-Static Gun

This compact, contained device comprises piezoelectric crystals and a compression trigger mechanism to create a steady stream of ions from the tip. The Zerostat3 Anti-Static Gun creates both positive and negative ions in a complete cycle. When the trigger is squeezed, positive ions are released. When the trigger is released, negative ions are created. This functions allows to either induce a positive of a negative charge. To reduce a negatively charged surface or object, point the Zerostat to the surface and squeeze the trigger, then point the Zerostat away when releasing the trigger. To induce a negative charge on a surface, point the Zerostat to the surface when releasing the trigger. The static reduction effect can last for hours. The Zerostat3 Anti-Static Gun has numerous applications such as keeping phonograph records, film or CDs, DVDs, lenses, glass, displays static-free, dust-free and lint-free. It also works very well for removing static charge when handling TEM grids, preparing SEM samples or removing dust from samples. Other applications are chemical labs handling powder samples to reduce static charge on (weighing) containers. The Zerostat does not contain batteries or any replacement consumable parts. The Zerostat does not use a forced gas stream. The lifetime of the anti-static gun is approximately 10,000 cycles and needs to be replaced when the it doesn't generate antistatic charges. Small handheld unit with a weight of 135g (0.30lbs).

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
54610 Zerostat3 Anti-static gun each $115.50

Staticide Antistatic Solution and Wipes

Staticide® Antistatic Solution and Wipes

Staticide® is an easy to use topical antistatic solution which can be sprayed on virtually any surface to reduce static charging. It is easily applied on work surfaces, lab benches, chairs, walls, floors, tools, clothing and other materials. The product is non-staining, but we do advise to test first before applying to sensitive surfaces. The antistatic effect last from weeks to months. It prevents static before it builds up and keeps work areas dust-free. Available in 4 or 32 oz (1qrt.) spray bottles and as wipes. The wipes are particularly useful for keyboards, monitors, instruments and equipment where a spray might interfere with sensitive parts such as lenses or electronics. Although it can eliminate charging on non-conductive samples, we do not recommend this product for use on non-conductive samples for imaging in the SEM.

SDS, 54690-4, 54690-32 (251KB PDF)
SDS, 54692 (233KB PDF)

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
54690-4 Staticide® Spray Bottle, 4oz (118.5ml) each $7.00
54690-32 Staticide® Spray Bottle, 32oz (946ml) each 12.00
54692 Staticide® small wipes, 24/box each 8.25