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High Precision Diamond Scribing Tools

General Advice for Selecting
a Diamond Scribe

The larger the tip/shaft diameter and the greater the included angle the more robust the scribe. Even the heavy duty shaft diamond point tools are meant for scribing light lines for marking or scoring for breaking. They are not meant for engraving or machining.

For scribing-to-break, the Deluxe Diamond Scribing Pen #54468, is ideal for a production environment where many people may be using the tool. It is more tolerant of untrained personnel who might over apply pressure that would break a more delicate tip.

For personal use a more delicate scribe with a finer tip but a sturdy shaft and broad base (90º included angle) would be Diamond Scribers #54483 or 54484 depending on the scribe head angle desired. Next would be Diamond Scriber #54482 (60º included angle) for very delicate scribe-to-mark or break. Breaking of flat substrates is best facilitated using Wafer Cleaving/Glass Breaking Pliers #7295.

The Fine Point Scribes & Micro Tool Scribes are for very delicate scribing like marking identification on the back of a silicon wafer or glass slide. We do not recommend these for scribe-to-break applications where a deeper scribe mark may be required.