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NanoVan™ and Nano-W™ Pre-Made Negative Stains

Originally intended for staining samples with gold nanoparticles, these convenient ready-to-use pre-made negative stains have been since utilized for many other applications, including pre-screening samples for cryo-EM. NanoVan™is based on vanadium and thus gives lighter staining, for best visibility of gold and silver nanoparticles in the sample. Nano-W® is tungsten-based and recommended for those cases when higher contrast is desired; it is comparable to PTA negative stain.

  • Special organic compounds ensure better spreading and uniformity of the stain
  • Dry without crystallization
  • Perfect for visualizing macromolecules, edges of protein complexes, cells in suspension
  • Allow the user to skip the time-consuming and hazardous task of weighing out the chemicals

I - 14701 SDS (101KB PDF)
I - 14702 SDS (275KB PDF)

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
14701 NanoVan™Light Negative Stain, 5ml each $202.00
14702 Nano-W™Negative Stain, 5ml each 202.00