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Overhaul Your Classic LKB KnifeMaker

Models 7800, 7801, 2178 and Reichart-Jung KnifeMaker

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We will clean it, replace the scoring wheel, adjust it and return it to you in approximately one week.

For this small investment, you can get your old Classic KnifeMaker back in A-1 condition. If you use glass knives for trimming, thick or ultrathin sectioning, you deserve the best knives you can get. Allow us to put life back into your KnifeMaker. Models serviced are: LKB 7800, LKB 7801, LKB 2178, and Reichart-Jung KnifeMaker. Set up to factory specifications for 25 and 38mm wide glass strips and a thickness of 6-7mm. Since many customers do not have the original packaging for this equipment, we have devised a special crate for shipping us the unit and for getting it back to you in pristine condition. Ask our customer service representative for shipping costs. This is an overhaul service. Repair and replacement of other parts are not included. Reconditioned LKB 7800 KnifeMaker

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
7800 LKB KnifeMaker Overhaul (shipping not included) each $756.30

Glass knife fork tool

Glass Knife Fork Tool

Glass knife fork tool is used to safely pick up glass knives made with the LKB 7800, LKB 7801, LLKB 2178 and Reichert-Jung knife makers. Made of stainless steel with plastic sleeves to protect glass knife. Replacement for the one supplied with the knife maker.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
7800-10 Replacement Glass Knife Fork Tool each $41.30