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Polystyrene Latex Spheres - Certified Nanosphere Size Standards

polystyrene latex spheres

Polystyrene Latex Spheres

Used as a magnification test specimen in TEM and SEM, but is also employed in particle counting devices as a size check and focus aid. Covers µm to nm range. Offered in a 10ml size, at 0.1% weight by volume. Specific gravity is 1.05 g/ml. SDS (117KB PDF)

Sphere Size, Size Deviation, Sphere Density Table
Prod. No. Nom Size (µm) Size Uniformity (C.V.) Approx. Spheres/cc
610-03 0.03 ≤30% 6.74E+13
610-08 0.08 ≤18% 3.55E+12
610-10 0.09 ≤15% 2.50E+12
610-14 0.17 ≤5% 3.70E+11
610-17 0.26 ≤3% 1.04E+11
610-20 0.30 ≤3% 6.74E+10
610-30 0.49 ≤3% 1.55E+10
610-38 1.00 ≤3% 1.82E+09

Note: actual size will appear on product label

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
610-03 Latex Spheres, 0.03µm, nom 10ml $15.85
610-08 Latex Spheres, 0.08µm, nom 10ml 15.85
610-10 Latex Spheres, 0.09µm, nom 10ml 15.85
610-14 Latex Spheres, 0.17µm, nom 10ml 15.85
610-17 Latex Spheres, 0.26µm, nom 10ml 15.85
610-20 Latex Spheres, 0.30µm, nom 10ml 15.85
610-30 Latex Spheres, 0.49µm, nom 10ml 15.85
610-38 Latex Spheres, 1.00µm, nom 10ml 15.85
Set of latex spheres, 0.09, 0.30, and 0.49 µm nominal diameters. 
610-SET Latex Spheres, set of 3 3x10ml 42.50

Certified Particle Size Polystyrene - Nanosphere Size Standards

These Nanosphere Size Standards are highly uniform polystyrene spheres calibrated in billionths of a meter (nanometers) with NIST traceable methodology. One nanometer is 0.001 micrometer (µm) or 10 Angstrom units.

Nanosphere Size Standards are packaged as aqueous suspensions in 15 milliliter (ml) dropper-tipped bottles. The concentrations are optimized for ease of dispersion and colloidal stability. The spheres have a density of 1.05 g/cm3 and an index of refraction of 1.59 @ 589nm (23°C).

Methods used to calibrate the diameter of the Nanospheres include adaptions of photon correlation spectroscopy (PCS) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). PCS uses scattered laser light to correlate the diameter of suspended particles with their Brownian motion. PCS is also referred to as quasi-elastic light scattering or dynamic light scattering.

Nanopshere Size Standards are ideal for the calibration of electron and atomic force microscopes. They are also used in laser light-scattering studies and colloidal systems research. The 20 to 900nm range of diameters is convenient for checking the sizes of bacteria, viruses, ribosomes and sub-cellular components. SDS (120KB PDF)

Sphere Size and Size Deviation Table
Prod. No. Nom
Mean Diameter
Size Distribution
Std Dev. & C.V.
610-50 20nm 21nm ±1.5nm not determined 1%
610-53 50nm 46nm ±2.0nm 7.2nm (15.7%) 1%
610-56 80nm 81nm ±2.7nm 5.8nm (7.2%) 1%
610-58 100nm 97nm ±3nm 4.5nm (4.6%) 1%
610-60 150nm 151nm ±4nm 3.2nm (2.1%) 1%
610-61 200nm 200nm ±6nm 3.4nm (1.7%) 1%
610-63 240nm 240nm ±6nm 3.7nm (1.5%) 1%
610-66 350nm 350nm ±7nm 4.7nm (1.3%) 1%
610-69 500nm 491nm ±4nm 6.3nm (1.3%) 1%
610-73 600nm 596nm ±6nm 7.7nm (1.3%) 1%
610-76 900nm 903nm ±9nm 9.3nm (1.0%) 1%

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
610-50 Certified Latex Nanospheres, 20nm 15ml $468.50
610-53 Certified Latex Nanospheres, 50nm 15ml 481.80
610-56 Certified Latex Nanospheres, 80nm 15ml 481.80
610-58 Certified Latex Nanospheres, 100nm 15ml 500.00
610-60 Certified Latex Nanospheres, 150nm 15ml 508.50
610-61 Certified Latex Nanospheres, 200nm 15ml 481.80
610-63 Certified Latex Nanospheres, 240nm 15ml 481.80
610-66 Certified Latex Nanospheres, 350nm 15ml 481.80
610-69 Certified Latex Nanospheres, 500nm 15ml 481.80
610-73 Certified Latex Nanospheres, 600nm 15ml 481.80
610-76 Certified Latex Nanospheres, 900nm 15ml 481.80

Recommended storage: TEM Calibration Grid Holder