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Microwell Staining Mold, Corticosterone Pellet Mold

staining mold

PELCO® Microwell Staining Mold

for immunocytochemistry

Excellent for immunocytochemistry as well as post staining. Small, save costly reagents. 4.8mm diameter x 1.8mm deep wells. The 60 wells are number and letter coded for better identification. Fits into a standard petri dish. Blue silicone rubber. Mold size: 78 x 42 x 6mm thick.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
103 PELCO® Microwell Staining Mold each $14.95

Reference: Aoki A, 1992. Microwell cluster for processing electron microscope sections for immunocytochemistry. Biotechnic & Histochemistry, 67 (2), 98

corticosterone pellet moldimplant pellet mold

Corticosterone Pellet Mold / Implant Mold

Animal implantation experimental application using pellets formed in the 106A. Blue silicone rubber. Maximum temperature: 218°C (425°F)

Cavities: 4.5 x 4.5 x 5mm
Number of Cavities: 15
Mold size: 44 x 68 x 6mm thick

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
106A Corticosterone Pellet Mold each $13.95

Reference: Akana SF, Cascio CSl, Shinsako J, Dallman MF, 1985. Corticosterone: narrow range required for normal body and thymus weight and ACT ll. Am J of Physiology, 249: R527-R532.