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NM-SS = non-magnetic stainless steel

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Dumont 70 - Manipulating, Sorting and Placement Tweezers

The style 70 Dumont tweezers are ideal for sorting, manipulating, picking and placing small parts or specimens varying from 0.1 to 5mm. The long slender ergonomically designed tweezers are easy to handle, allow for precise movements and are available in stainless steel.

These high quality tweezers are used for many applications in electronics, sample preparation, forensics, manufacturing, assembly and jewelry sorting. Cross-serrated tips for better grip.

dumont 70 manipulating, sorting and placement tweezers

Prod # Description Style Length Metal Points
Width x Thickness
Qty Price Order / Quote
5522 Dumont Tweezers 70F-SS, cross-serrated tips 70 160mm Stainless Steel, matt finish 0.40 x 0.85mm 1+ $30.20