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Tools Overview

Rulers, Flexible Clear Plastic
& Tempered Metal

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PELCO® Clear Plastic Ruler

Produced with unusual accuracy from 0.03" (0.7mm) thick, size stable, clear plastic. The markings are black on a clear background. Metric and inch.

Metric: Each millimeter and centimeter is indicated by a number, arrows point to the centimeter mark and dots designate half-centimeter markings. This marking system has proven useful for diffraction measurements.

Inch: Inches are shown in much the same way with a special arrow on the 1 inch and 1/2", 1/4" marked with a dot up to the 6" maximum length. The numerical measurements are given at each 1/32" increment with marks at each 1/64" increment.

This clear plastic ruler may also be used in an enlarger, to permit the markings to be photographed with a subject negative. It is flexible for measuring curved areas if needed.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
54480 PELCO® Clear Plastic Ruler each $2.95

Rigid Rule, Metric & Inch

Tempered metal ruler with both metric and inch graduations, 6" x 3/4" (152 x 19mm) size. Millimeters, 1/2 millimeters. 32nds and 64ths of an inch. Plastic pocket.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
54485 Metric / Inch Rigid Metal Rule each $18.20