Tools Overview

Tronex® Cutting Tools

Tronex® is world renowned for focus on quality, craftsmanship and innovation.
Tronex® cutters and pliers are manufactured in a US facility starting with
the best quality materials and a unique, high performance design.

oval cutters
Oval Head

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Tapered Head

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High Performance
Tip Cutters

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Class W Fine Hard Wire

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Class T Fine Hard Wire

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What makes Tronex® Cutting Tools
the best in the world?

  • High-grade alloy steel
  • Induction hardened cutting edges to 63-65 Rockwell C
  • Each cutter is tested individually
  • Distinctive “snap” cutting performance
  • Double cushioned grips
  • Non-slip, suede-like grip surface, ESD safe
  • Multiple head shapes and profiles for every application
  • Short or long handle length options
Tronex® cutting tools
Tronex® types of wire cut


RAZOR FLUSH® cutters are machine ground to make the edges razor sharp with perfect alignment. Wire or leads cut with RAZOR FLUSH® cutters will be left with no raised surface or “pinch”. Also RAZOR FLUSH® cutters minimize shock when cutting leads on components. All Tronex® cutters with RAZOR FLUSH® cutting edges have a fine set screw stop built into the handle or jaw of the cutter to prevent these exceptionally sharp edges from dulling themselves, even when an operator applies a strong cutting force.

Tronex® Cutters
Short Handle: ~115mm (4.53")

Tronex® Cutters
Long Handle: ~140mm (5.5")

Handles & Tool Lengths

Length is measured from top of cutter head to bottom of handle Short Grips are ~115mm (4.53") long. Long Grips are ~140mm (5.5") long.

Ergonomic Handles
A cutting tool is deemed ergonomic if it materially contributes to reducing the probability of cumulative trauma disorders with the hand, finger, wrist, or arm. The Tronex® 7000 Series handle is designed for transferring force from the operator to the point of operation in a highly ergonomic manner. The average American worker's hand or palm is approximately four inches wide; therefore, tool handles should be four inches long at least. To allow freedom of hand placement, 4 to 5 inches would be even more desirable. The length of the Tronex® 7000 Series handle, from the joint to the end, is 4.8 inches. In contrast, handles from competition cutters are only 3.6 to 3.7 inches. The Series 7000's long handle forces the operator to spread the cutting force with use by all four fingers to operate the tool. Operators may use only two or three fingers on cutters with shorter handles. The longer handle also spreads the cutting load over the width of the palm in a bar of force. In contrast, a short handle presents a point of force which digs into the palm, compressing nerves and tendons and reducing blood flow.

ESD Safe Grips
The Tronex® 7000 features, as standard, a unique double-sheathed, ESD safe, cushioned grip. The inner sheath is a tough vinyl, ESD safe material which holds the leaf spring and the cushioned surface to the cutter handle. The outer sheath, also ESD safe, provides a no-slip, cushioned surface for the operator's hand. This is important because the slight compressibility of the cushion aids to distribute the cutting pressure more effectively. It can even absorb sharp particles which could be imbedded in the hand. The Tronex® 7000 cushion grip is almost always considered by operators to be more comfortable than the hard, plastic used by competitors.

NOTE: Not suitable for cutting materials like tungsten wire that require very high force. See alternate product Heavy Duty Side Cutters