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SALE Beryllium Planchets
for X-Ray Analysis

beryllium planchet Beryllium offers an ideal background for X-ray analysis and backscattered electron imaging using a SEM or microprobe analyzer. The low atomic number of Beryllium (4) and the high purity of the planchets virtually eliminates characteristic X-ray peaks will give a low background radiation.

The planchets are made of Beryllium with a 99% or better purity and any of the possible impurities will not exceed 0.08% . In fact most of the possible impurities are well below 0.01%. Using proper cleaning and safety procedures the planchets can be used again. Available in three sizes to fit the most widely used specimen mounts. Surface finish is smooth: 1.6µm or less and is perfectly suitable for many applications.


Typical BE Planchet Composition
impurities in AT %

ElementAT % ElementAT %
Beryllium Oxide0.700 Lead< 0.0005
Aluminum0.040 Lithium< 0.0003
Boron< 0.0002 Magnesium0.0020
Cadmium< 0.0002 Manganese0.0020
Calcium< 0.0100 Molybdenum< 0.0005
Carbon0.020 Nickel0.0200
Chromium< 0.0100 Nitrogen< 0.0300
Cobalt< 0.0010 Silicon0.0300
Copper0.0060 Silver< 0.0003

Warning: Cleaning and handling of Beryllium must be done in such a way that it does not generate particulates which are toxic when inhaled.

An alternative for beryllium planchets could be graphite planchets which also give a low background and virtually no characteristic peaks other than carbon.

Made in USA
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For Sale in U.S.A. Only
1655 Beryllium Planchet, 10mm dia., 0.25mm thick each $250.00
1656 Beryllium Planchet, 25.4mm dia., 0.25mm thick each 370.00