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budget sensors atomic force microscopy probes

atomic force microscopy afm probe micrograph The right choice of AFM probes is extremely important for the quality of your AFM work. The BudgetSensors AFM probes are an excellent choice for today’s high demands in nanotech research. Designed by specialists in AFM, they combine the latest technology of AFM tip/cantilever manufacturing with a realistic pricing. Made of monolithic silicon, they fit into most commercially available AFMs (see below for a Complete List) and outperform all other silicon AFM probes on the market when it comes to value, sharpness, symmetry and consistency. The BudgetSensors AFM probes are specifically designed for different AFM modes and are available with a variety of coatings to give the highest resolution needed for cutting edge nanoscale imaging.

The silicon AFM probe products are:

  • Tap300 series for tapping mode
  • Tap150G series for soft tapping mode
  • Tap190G series with longer cantilever for tapping mode (Quesant AFM Systems)
  • Multi75 series for force modulation mode
  • Contact series for contact mode and pulse force mode
  • Magnetic AFM Probe, an excellent choice for MFM applications
  • All-In-One series with four cantilevers
AFM probes are all available with some or all of the following high quality coatings (depending on series):
  • AL -    Aluminium coating of the cantilever for enhanced reflectivity
  • Electri - Chromium/Platinum electrically conductive coating for Electric Modes
  • GD -  Partial gold coating of the cantilever for enhanced reflectivity for special applications such as in liquids
  • GB -  Overall gold coating of the cantilever where the probe acts as an electrode
  • M - Magnetic Coating
  • DLC - Diamond-like-Coating on tip side of cantilever.

DLC Diamond-like-Coatings for the Tapping, Force Modulation and Contact Mode AFM probes providing a hard coating on the tip side of the cantilever. The hard DLC coating offers high durability, reduced tip wear and increased tip life. At the same time, the DLC coating is so thin that the tip radius is still less than 15nm. The DLC coating is not electrically conductive. All DLC coated AFM tips have an aluminum reflex coating on the back side of the cantilever and alignment grooves on the holder chip.

Order a combination of whatever probes you want.
gives you a choice of 50 AFM probes from any available BudgetSensors AFM Probe models you need.

Overview of Budget Sensors Si AFM Tips and Available Coatings

Tapping Mode
TAP 300
Soft Tapping Mode
TAP 150
Tapping Mode
TAP 190
Force Modulation Mode
MFM Application
Magnetic Multi
Contact Mode
Coatings: Coatings:
Four Cantilevers
Soft Contact Mode

Alignment Grooves:

Some AFM systems, such as NanoScale, SIS, and others which use the nanosensors alignment chip as a standard feature, require alignment grooves on the back side of the AFM holder chip for correct holding and calibration of each AFM probe. All products with alignment grooves have "-G" in their product number.
Available AFM Probes with alignment grooves are:
  1. Tap150-G
  2. Tap190-G
  3. Tap300AL-G
  4. Multi75AL-G; Multi75E-G; Multi75M-G
  5. ContAL-G
  6. ElectriCont-G

Please Note: The presence of the alignment Grooves does not affect the AFM probe in systems that do not require this feature. AFM probes with grooves have the same specifications and pricing as the equivalent probes without alignment grooves.

AFM Calibration

Budget Sensors tipchecker, an SPM sample for fast, convenient and efficient determination of the AFM tip condition.

Budget Sensor cost effective AFM calibration standards with 20, 100 and 500nm step height.

Order a combination of whatever probes you want.
gives you a choice of 50 AFM probes from any available BudgetSensors AFM Probe models you need.

Technical information and dimensions for the BudgetSensor AFM holder, cantilever and tip:

AFM Holder Chip

afm holder chip

The AFM Holder Chip fits most commercial AFM's as it has industry standard size. It is compatible with DI Nanoscope, PSI, JEOL, NT-MDT, Asylum, VEECO, WiTec and other commercial AFM's

AFM Cantilever

afm cantilever atomic force microscopy

The AFM Cantilever is micromachined monolithic Silicon, comprising excellent uniformity. It provides high quality imaging for all standard AFM's.


atomic force microscopy tip

The AFM Tip is a micromachined monolithic Silicon probe, exhibiting excellent uniformity and a sharp tip radius. The consistent tip radius of less than 10nm gives good resolution and reproducibility. The probes (except the Silicon Nitride tip) feature an "on scan angle" symmetric tip to provide a more symmetric representation of features over 200nm.

The BudgetSensors AFM probes are compatible with virtually all AFM systems on the market, please see the list below. Any exceptions are mentioned. If your AFM system is not mentioned in the list, please contact us to ask for compatibility.