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August, 2008 for Immediate Release

New SEM Specimen Mounts and Holders Introduced

PELCO SEM Specimen Mount from Ted Pella, Inc.
Example of an SEM
Specimen Holder

Ted Pella, Inc has greatly increased their selection with a large number of new SEM Specimen Mounts and Holders. It has been long recognized that using the correct specimen mount or holder for SEM specimens lead to better examination results and increased efficiency. Ted Pella, Inc has recently installed a state of the art machine shop and extended engineering capabilities in order to react to the demand for special SEM mounts and specimen holders.

Many of the new SEM mounts and holders have been developed in cooperation with SEM users. The new SEM mounts and specimen holders are available for JEOL, Hitachi, FEI, ZEISS, Novelx, Aspex, CamScan and Tescan SEM platforms and include:

  • The widest range of pin stub mounts from 6.5 to 63mm diameter; optimized for all sizes of specimens New range of specimen mounts with clips to eliminate the need for adhesives: a quicker and cleaner solution
  • Modular system of specimen holders with stage adapters for all type of SEMs: share holders on different SEMs and carry over all holders when changing SEM platform
  • 18mm pin stub to fill the gap between 12.7 and 25.4mm pin mounts
  • Range of non-magnetic stainless steel specimen mounts for low vacuum, variable pressure and ESEM applications; a cleaner alternative to aluminum specimen mounts
  • Complete range of new specimen holders for all Hitachi SEMs with the M4 stage adapter
  • Many of the new holders enable direct mounting of a wide variety of specimens or parts without the use of adhesives. This saves preparation time, enables quicker loading of the specimen and avoids out-gassing of adhesives.

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