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Pocket Microscope

a high quality microscope in your pocket

pocket microscope, 100x

100x and 25x Pocket Microscopes

These quality, lightweight, Pocket Microscopes have sharp resolving power throughout their field of view, yet are designed to give a bright image. Image viewed is inverted. To focus, place the tip on the surface and directly above the subject to be examined, holding it so that the notch at the tip of the plastic cylinder faces you and tilt the cylinder back and forth until the sharpest image is perceived. The clear plastic tip allows available light to illuminate the specimen. This is a useful tool for the field biologist, geologist, forensic investigator, jeweler, printer, quality control manager, etc. The size of Pocket Microscope is 12.4mm dia. x 127mm long. Weight:16g (100x) and 12g (25x).

100x Pocket Microscope field of view: 0.84mm dia.
25x Pocket Microscope field of view: 3.30mm dia

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
75930 Pocket Microscope, 25x each $46.50
75936 Pocket Microscope, 100x each 96.25