Surgical & Dissection Tools Overview

Tissue Punches Overview

Multiple Styles with Wide Range of Tip Sizes, Self-healing Cutting Mat Also Available

These tools are not intended for use with live human tissue or liquids
or human material unless specifically described for that purpose.

miltex biopsy punch with plunger
NEW Rapid-Core Precise Tissue Punches

Multi-purpose sampling tools
with retractable cutting cannulas
rapid-punchrapid-punch replacement parts
Aluminum Rapid-Punch
Changeable plunger sizes
0.5 - 3.0mm
miltex and mat
Miltex® Biopsy Punches
Sterile packaged;
tip sizes 1.0 - 4.0mm
biopunch and mat
Biopunch® Tissue Punches
Sterile packaged;
tip sizes 1.0 - 8.0mm
Harris Uni-Core, Core sample cutter
Harris Uni-Core™
Limited quantities available
welltech cutting mats
NEW Cutting Mats

Small & large sizes
precision brain punches
Precision Brain Punches with Handle
Tip sizes 0.25 - 2.00mm;
convenient handle improves aim