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Tungsten Carbide Knives

For Sectioning Hard Samples, GMA, Epoxy Resins &
Sample Preparation for Microscopy

tungsten knives

Triangular Design
Will fit all ultramicrotomes with glass knife stages. Section samples that will destroy glass knives and disposable steel knives. Able to section larger specimens than possible with diamond knives. Sections hard specimens like bone and teeth and other difficult samples.

Tungsten Carbide Knives are a fraction of the cost of diamond knives and are more durable than all other knives.

Knife Specifications
Material: tungsten carbide steel
Edge length: 9.6mm (3/8")
Height: 25.4mm (1")
Angle: 40°

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
121-50 Tungsten Carbide Knives pkg/3 $495.00