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DiATOME® Diamond Knives Overview

Now available from Ted Pella, Inc.

DiATOME® Thermo Scientific/FEI
Diamond Knives for Volumescope®

Available for sale in U.S.A. only

New knife and Resharpening services are available for the Thermo Scientific/FEI Volumescope® from the experts at DiATOME®. New knives are delivered in a Volumescope®-compatible holder. Send in an existing knife and holder for the Resharpening service to be performed and returned to you.
Handling & Use of DiATOME® Diamond Knives (500KB PDF)

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
For Sale in U.S.A. Only
R = Resharpen
123-FEI-N DiATOME® Thermo Scientific/FEI Volumescope® Knife each P.O.R.
123-FEI-R DiATOME® Thermo Scientific/FEI Volumescope® Knife, Resharpen each 1500.00