Cressington Coaters Overview

Rotary-Tilting Sample Stage
for Ø120mm Chamber Sputter Coaters

Rotary-Tilting Stage on 108 Auto Sputter Coater

The Cressington 108 Rotary-Tilting sample stage has been designed for the 120mm chamber and is an option for the 108 Auto and 108 Manual sputter coaters (#7002, 7003, 7003-220, 7006, 6002 and 6006). The 108 RT stage is supplied with a short glass cylinder (Ø120 x 44mm H). The overall height of the 108 RT stage plus the short glass cylinder is the same as the standard Ø120 x 120mm H glass chamber it replaces. The 108 RT Stage can be retrofitted to any Cressington 108 Auto and 108 Manual sputter coaters, either new or installed. The rotation speed is variable from 0-120 rpm in five steps and controlled by a multi-position rotary switch. The tilting angle is variable from 0-90° in both directions by rotating the external body. The tilting angle can either be locked using the locking lever or can be varied during deposition.

Note: the 108 RT Stage is not suitable for use on the 108 Carbon/A Carbon Coater because of the short deposition distance. For carbon coating with rotary stage, see 108C/SE or 208C .

Features and benefits of the 108 RT stage:

  • Enables highly uniform and conformal coatings
  • Enables thinner coating with better coverage
  • Compact with near eucentric tilt
  • Short coating distance
  • Rocking tilt from 0-90°
  • Fully compatible with thickness monitoring
Rotary-tilting stage shown on a 108 Auto (left)
and top down views of the stage, un-tilted and tilted (right).

With the 108 RT stage, rough, entangled or highly 3-dimensional samples can be conformally coated with a thinner coating. The combination of rotation and near eucentric tilt results in coating which is conformal to the sample surfaces. Sputter deposition covers at the sample surface from all possible directions. Charging is minimized, even with very thin coatings. This will improve both conductivity and image quality while reducing artifacts and coating thickness at the same time. This will also increase target efficiency.

The 108 RT stage is fully compatible with the Cressington MTM-20 Thickness Controller or the Cressington MTM-10 Thickness Monitor. The design of the 108 RT stage places the crystal head for the thickness monitoring system close to the sample surface which improves the accuracy of the thickness measurement. The RT sample table comes standard with a sample table for 4 x 12.7mm (1/2") diameter pin stubs, with other optional sample tables pictured below1.The power for the rotary motion is typically provided by the 9V DC Converter Kit #9631.

Optional Rotary-Tilting Stage Tables for:
7050-32 7050-15 7050-10 7050-12
Ø32mm Metallographic Mount Ø15mm M4 Threaded Mounts Ø10mm Cylinder Mounts Ø12mm Cylinder Mounts

1Optional sample tables are not compatible with all previous versions of the 108 RT stage. If fitting on a previously purchased stage, please contact us for compatibility.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
7050 108 Rotary Tilting Stage for Cressington 108 Auto and 108 Manual Sputter Coaters each P.O.R.
9631 9VDC Converter Kit for 108 RT #7050, RT #9660, and RPT #9524 Stages 100-240VAC 50/60Hz each 110.00
9604 Glass Cylinder Short (ø120mm x 44mm H) for 108 RT Stage each 320.00
7050-32 108 RT Stage Sample Holder for 1 x 32mm dia. stub or metallographic mount each 85.00
7050-15 108 RT Sample Holder for 3 x 15mm dia. M4 threaded mounts each 85.00
7050-10 108 RT Sample Holder for 4 x 10mm dia. cylinder mounts each 85.00
7050-12 108 RT Sample Holder for 3 x 12mm dia. cylinder mounts each 85.00

Ted Pella, Inc has been an authorized distributor, including exclusive in the Americas, for the complete range of Cressington vacuum coating systems for over 25 years. Cressington Scientific Instruments Ltd, based in Watford, UK develops, designs and manufactures vacuum coating systems for scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM) specimen preparation and thin film research applications. Core competencies of Cressington are vacuum technology, DC magnetron sputtering technology, electron beam evaporation technology for EM, cryo technology for EM and thermal evaporation. The Cressington products range comprises 108 series sputter coaters for standard SEM sample coating, the 108 series carbon coaters for standard EDX coating, the 208HR for field emission SEM (FESEM) sample coating, and the 208C high vacuum turbo carbon coater for TEM/EBSD/microprobe carbon coating. Cressington takes pride in building products which have excellent quality, are compact bench-top systems and are easy to use.