Aperture Overview

NEW 3.04mm O.D. x 0.25mm thickness
Square Hole Apertures

square hole aperture

Square Hole Apertures can be used as condenser apertures in TEM in order to improve tiling for stitching images in electron tomography and cryo-TEM applications.

1. E.Y.D. Chua, L.M. Alink, M. Kopylov, J.D. Johnston, F. Eisenstein & A. de Marco, Square beams for Optimal tiling in transmission electron microscopy, Nature Methods, Volume 21, 2024, 562–565.

2. H.G. Brown, D Smith, B.C. Wardle & E. Hanssen. Fitting a square beam in a square camera: novel condenser apertures for low-dose transmission electron microscopy. 10.1101/2023.08.13.553155 (2023).

Square Hole Apertures, 3.01mm O.D. x 0.25m thickness
Fits AEI, AMRAY, Cambridge S600, JEOL, FEI/Philips (ex PSEM 500), ZEISS, Electroscan, Tescan
Prod # Hole Dia. µm Unit Price Order / Quote
68040 40μm each $887.65
68041 50μm each 965.75
68042 100μm each 965.75
68043 500μm each 888.50
68044 600μm each 865.00