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October, 2016 for Immediate Release

Ted Pella, Inc. Acquires the X-Checker Product Line
and Related Products from Small World, LLC.


TEM Checker


Ted Pella, Inc., a leading seller of instruments and supplies for companies using optical light and electron microscopes for research, has purchased the X-Checker line of x-ray calibration standards and TEM Checker from Small World, LLC. These products help SEM users calibrate the EDS detector on their scanning electron microscopes. Ted Pella, Inc. was already a reseller of this product line, so it was a natural fit.

"We're excited both about the existing products as well as the future potential of product development for new X-Checker products", said Tom Pella, President of Ted Pella, Inc.

"I feel good about these products going to a trusted supplier who has sold and supported them for many years", said Don Chernoff, President of Small World, LLC.

Shipment of customer orders from Ted Pella, Inc. will begin within two weeks.