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July 23rd, 2009 for Immediate Release

Ted Pella, Inc extends PELCO® Silicon Nitride
Support Film Range

0.5x0 Silicon Nitride Support Film
Silicon Nitride Support film
with 15nm membrane on 3mm silicon frame

Ted Pella, Inc, has greatly extended the product range of the patented debris-free PELCO® Silicon Nitride membranes. In addition to the existing 50 and 200nm membranes, there is now an ultra-thin 15nm pinhole free membrane available for ultra high resolution TEM imaging applications. At the same time, new window sizes, including multiple windows, are introduced. The multiple window versions are available with 15nm or 50nm membrane thickness. For special TEM holders which need thinner frames, a new 50um frame thickness (fully compatible with standard copper TEM grids) is now available too. Outstanding features, such the patented debris-free production technology, 3mm round frames and the EasyGrip™ edges are defining parameters of all PELCO® Silicon Nitride support films.

Silicon Nitride membranes are ideally suited for in situ experiments in both life science and materials sciences applications. They are chemically inert, smooth and withstand temperatures up to 1000°C. They can be used to grow cells, perform experiments and transfer directly to the TEM for imaging without disturbing the specimens on the electron transparent membrane. They are equally suited to deposit thin films to study interface interactions or materials behavior at high temperature combined with high resolution imaging in the TEM.


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