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January, 2021 for Immediate Release

Shipping Improvements

Ted Pella, Inc. is pleased to announce a dramatic improvement in the shipping choices you have when placing an order for shipment within the USA:

  1. We already had offered a full range of FedEx shipping methods. We now provide the shipping charge, per method, during the order finalization process. We have excellent specially negotiated shipping rates from FedEx and we pass those rates on to you.

  2. When you place an order with us there will be only one shipping charge, even if items are backordered. The shipping charge you see for the entire order will cover backordered items.

  3. Some products are categorized as hazards of various classifications by government and shipper regulations. They require special consideration including special packaging, documentation, labeling and handling; quantity limitations; shipping method restrictions; restrictions on what products can be together with others in the same box; and are subject to FedEx hazard fees. It all depends on the type of hazard, the quantity ordered and the specific product. For those items we show you what the fee will be in advance for each product; the allowable methods, quantities and products that can be shipped together, as well as when finalizing your order. No surprises after the fact.

  4. Many companies will either charge set shipping prices which end up being too high, or offer artificially low shipping rates which they make up for by raising product prices. We maintain competitive product pricing and shipping costs.

We look forward to serving your needs.