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March 20, 2020 for Immediate Release

COVID-19 Customer Advisory

Dear valued customers of Ted Pella, Inc.,

As a manufacturer of instruments and supplies for sample preparation and microscopy for a wide range of applications fields in Science and Industry globally, from fundamental research in academia, teaching hospitals, private and government research laboratories through to commercial testing labs: We wish to reassure you that we have prepared our business to best ensure on-going continuity of supply for your needs.

This includes confirming our future supply of raw materials; the transport logistics for receipt of supplies; and the delivery of products to our customer base. The situation in the USA and the world regarding the spread of COVID-19 is fluid and changes every day. In response, various cities, counties, states and countries make daily changes to their approach to dealing with COVID-19. As a result of that, vendors on which we depend which were open yesterday may not be open today, whether by their own initiative or by that of various governments to whom they answer. For that reason, our effort to assure shipment of products to you has become a daily challenge, as we try validate their ongoing ability to supply us.

For the health and safety of our employees, we rigorously follow CDC guidelines as well as state directives. As such, none of our staff are presently traveling out of state, neither have they for over a month. We have not had, neither do we have any current cases of COVID-19 among any of our staff.

As you may have seen on the March 19th evening news, Gavin Newsom, the Governor for the State of California issued a directive for residents of the state not employed in essential work, to shelter at home. Our business is located in far Northern California, a few hundred miles inland Northeast from the Bay Area, far away from the Bay Area Metroplex. We are continuing operations on the basis of being an exception, “to maintain continuity of operations of the Federal critical infrastructure sectors”, as outlined on the Sector Specific Plans web pages of the Federal Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency; and so we are exempt from this directive. We specifically fall under the exemptions the supply chains for: 1) the Critical Manufacturing Sector; 2) the Health and Public Health Sector; and 3) the Nuclear Reactors, Materials, and Waste Water Sector.

Please be reassured that we are open and stand ready to supply your needs for the required equipment and supplies for your laboratories during and beyond this present international crisis.


Tom Pella