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Giammara-Hanker Cast-A-Slide Mold

Giammara-Hanker Cast-A-Slide Translucent Mold - slide mold

Giammara-Hanker Cast-A-Slide Translucent Mold

survey slides, LM, TEM & STEM, HVEM cytochemistry

Silicone rubber slide mold. Produces 2 slides, 1" x 3" (25 x 75mm). See reference below. Fixed vibratory microtome sections or cytochemically stained cells, post-fixed with osmium tetroxide, are dehydrated and infiltrated with resin by routine or rapid embedding methods. The sample is placed into a mold recess and resin teased to the edges. Photomicrography may be performed. Selected specimens are excised, glued to blank blocks with cyanoacrylate adhesive and are then sectioned for ultramicroscopy. Translucent.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
10545 Cast-A-Slide each $11.95

Reference: Giammara BL, Hanker JS, 1982. Epoxy slide embedment for LM, TEM, STEM and HVEM cytochemistry. 40th Ann Proc Elec Mic Soc Amer. Wash DC, ed. G.W. Bailey, pp 358-359.