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Calibration Overview
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TEM, Transmission Electron Microscopy
Calibration Test Kit, set A and B
and High Resolution Multi-specimen

TEM Calibration Kit

tem calibration


tem test kit 613


tem test kit 608atem test kit 608b

tem test kit 673


tem test kit 250 - Ultrastructure Size Calculator


tem test kit 253


TEM Calibration Kit, set A

A complete collection of the specimens and measuring aids required for basic TEM calibration and alignment.

Items Included Use
609 Holey Carbon Film Astigmatism Correction 
613 Gold on Holey Carbon Film  Resolution Determination 
608 Ferritin Optimum Resolution Determination 
673 500nm Diffraction Grating Replica with Latex Spheres Magnification Calibration 
250 Ultrastructure Size Calculator  Ultrastructure Size Calculation 
253 Magnification Calibration Calculator 2000 lines/mm Magnification Calibration Calculation

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
670-A PELCO® TEM Calibration Kit, Set A each $119.25

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
670-B PELCO® TEM Calibration Kit, Set B* each $159.25

*Items as in set A, with the following additional specimens included for calibration of the diffraction mode:
evaporated aluminum

molybdenum trioxide


Additional Items

619 Evaporated Aluminum
625 Molybdenum Trioxide


Camera Length
Image Rotation