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G-1 Silicon Calibration Specimen

Details of the Pelcotec™ G-1 Calibration Specimen

G-1 Calibration Specimen 4 x 4mm die with 3 x 3mm grid with 1µm pitch
X and Y mm scale fiducial finders
Unique serial number
G-1 Calibration Specimen Close-up of major (1.0 and 0.5mm) and
minor (0.1mm) fiducial marks
G-1 Calibration Specimen Close-up of 1µm pitch grid with 10µm and 100µm lines
G-1 Calibration Specimen Enlarged view of grid pattern
SEM image of grid pattern

633-1 Sample Certificate of Traceability (157KB PDF)

633-11 Sample Certificate of Calibration (185KB PDF)