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[Technician Micro-Tool Set]
[Precision Cutting Set]   [Tinitool Set]

Technician Sets with Hardened Tool Steel Tips

technician microtools mini tool technician set mini tool

Technician Microtool Set

This set contains eight tool tips with integrated, color-coded handles that are light-weight, non-rolling and well balanced. The overall tool length is approximately 127mm (5"). Tip size is 0.89mm (0.030") and the material is oil-hardened tool steel, nickel-plated. The entire set contains:

Micro Measuring Scale; Micro Diamond Scribe; Micro-Graver; Micro-Knife; Micro-Chisel; Micro-Probe; Straight Micro-Probe, 90 degree; Straight Micro-Probe, 30 degree;

Made in USA

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
54440 Technician Set, complete with 8 tools and Storage Case set $153.90

miniature tools Precision Cutting Set

Precision Cutting Set

5-piece set with the following specifications. Tip material is hardened steel.
The tip size is 1.6mm by 12.7mm long (0.063" x 0.5"). The overall length of the tool is about 124mm (4.88").
Set contains, from top to bottom: Scriber; Chisel; Knife; Triangular Scraper; Oval Graver.

Note: An excellent tool for sharpening microtools is the Tweezer Repair Kit

Made in USA

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
54444 Precision Cutting Set, complete with 5 Tools, in Plastic Case each $130.00

tinitools minitools

Tinitool Set

nickel-plated hardened steel tips

The tip size is 0.8mm by 25mm long (0.03" x 1"). The overall length of the tool is about 140mm (5.5").
This set consists of three different tools:

Made in USA

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
54442 Tinitool Set, complete with 3 Tools each $31.90
54442-11 Straight Scriber with sharp tip each 12.80
54442-12 Sharp Triangular Scraper each 14.70
54442-13 Bent Probe with sharp tip each 14.70