Special SALE Items

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Unless stated otherwise, all of our special sale items are new and not used.
These close-out items are offered at greatly reduced prices.
All sales for the special sale items are final.

pelco tem 50 mesh grid pelco transmission electron microscopy grid
pelco honeycomb tem grid pelco slot grid
TEM Grids
Reconditioned LKB 7800 KnifeMaker
LKB 7800 KnifeMaker
Florescence Reference Slides
PELCO® Engraved Q Pin Stub, 25.4 x 25.4mm
Tissue-Tek OCT compound
OCT Compound,
freezer rack sale
Upright Freezer Racks
beryllium planchet
Beryllium Planchets
for X-ray Analysis
Florescence Reference Slides
Single Florescence
Reference Slides