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GOLD SEAL® micro slides

GOLD SEAL® Microscope Slides

For over 50 years the GOLD SEAL® line of Microscope slides has been the industry standard for quality and reliability. These products undergo the most stringent manufacturing and inspection procedures achievable in the industry, ensuring our customers the highest, and most consistent quality available. To preserve this quality from manufacture to ultimate use, all GOLD SEAL® slides are hermetically sealed in the Moistur-Barrier™ system providing a dry-slide environment during shipment and storage. This desiccated air-tight package eliminates moisture exposure that can degrade the slide surface, causing poor wettability and causing haziness found in other microscope slide products.

All GOLD SEAL® micro-slide glass is made from pre-selected, precleaned soda lime glass. It is available in various shapes and thickness’ and is packaged with desiccants in lint-free boxes. All slide boxes convert to convenient slide storage files.
Micro-Slide Glass Technical data (PDF 67KB)
GOLD SEAL® Cover Slips

GOLD SEAL® Rite-On™ Frosted Slides

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
260215 3 x 1", 1.2mm thick, frosted one end, both sides 1 gross $40.00