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portable fume hood

Clean Air System

Portable Fume Extractor Filter

Remove and adsorb fumes from your equipment and/or work areas.

Localized air purification and filtering is provided for those laboratories which have overcrowded fume hoods or where a fume hood is simply unavailable in the microwave area. Fumes are led from the microwave vent, through a 5" diameter chemically resistant hose (5 feet [152cm] provided) to a filter housing. Various types of filters are available (HEPA, carbon, dacron and aluminum pre-filters), but the one we recommend for microscopy/histology is type FRC-4 which has been tested for glutaraldehyde and formaldehyde fumes. Available as 115V or 220V version, 80 W power consumption.

Desk and wall-mounted designs are available. Filters supplied separately.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
3120 Clean Air System, Air Purifier, Single Hose,
115VAC (does not include filter)
each $2631.00
Clean Air System Filters:
size 10 x 17 x 2"for EM (glutaraldehyde; highest adsorbing capacity) (Special/carbon treated)
3024 Filters, FRC-4 Series (special/carbon treated) pkg/3 1460.00
3026 HP-2 series HEPA filter, 99.99% @ 0.3µm; each 492.00
for formaldehyde
3028 FR-4 Series; carbon filter with 8-10lbs. adsorbent pkg/3 642.00
if additional hose is required:
3040 Hose (5" dia.), extra, for Clean Air System 3120 per foot 36.00
if wall mount is required:
3042 Wall Mount for Clean Air System 3120 each 150.00
Note: Particle Work: HEPA filter Chemical Vapors: FRCB-2 or 1.5" deep (special charcoal vapor).