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Histology Overview
Stereo Microscope Comparison Chart
Biological Microscope Overview
Petrography Overview
Light Microscope Calibration Standards
Lens Cleaning Products

Stereo Microscope Overview

Motic SMZ-168 Stereo Zoom Microscope

Motic® SMZ-168
Stereo Zoom Microscope
Motic K-400L Stereo Microscope

Motic® K-400L
Stereo Microscope
Motic K-500L Stereo Microscope

Motic® K-500L
Stereo Microscope
Motic K-700L Stereo Zoom Microscope

Motic® K-700L
Stereo Zoom Microscope
Motic DMW-143; DM-143B and DM-143C Digital, Stereo, Zoom Microscopes

Motic® DMW-143; DM-143B
and DM-143C
Digital, Stereo, Zoom Microscopes

Model SMDM-1030 and
Stereo Microscopes

articulating boom stand
Special Motic Microscope Stands

Motic Microscope Cameras
Digital Cameras for use with
Stereo and Compound
Light Microscopes

Fiberoptics Gooseneck Light
gooseneck light

Dolan Jenner MI-150 Illuminator/Fiberoptics
Gooseneck Light
Diffused Light
Line Light
Back Light

  fiber optic illumination system
Motic® MLC-150C Microscope
Fiber Optic Illumination System

Stereo Microscope Comparison
Stereo Microscope