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Materials Science Overview
Metallography Supplies & Equipment Overview
Petrography Overview
Light Microscope Calibration Standards
Biological Microscopes Overview

Metallurgical Microscopes Overview

Motic BA310MET MetallurgicalMicroscope
Motic® BA310MET
Metallurgical Microscope
Motic BA310MET-T MetallurgicalMicroscope
Motic® BA310MET-T Metallurgical Microscope
Motic AE2000MET
Motic® AE2000MET
Inverted Metallurgical Microscope
Motic SMZ-168 Stereo Zoom Microscope
Motic® SMZ-168
Stereo Zoom Microscope
Motic Microscope Cameras
Digital Cameras
for use with
Metallurgical Microscopes
metallurgical comparison chart
Metallurgical Microscope

Metallographic Sample Leveling PressPELCO<sup>®</sup> Plast Support PuttyMetallographic Microscopy Accessories
PELCO® Optical Lens Tissue
PELCO® Optical
Lens Tissue