Magnifiers Overview

3D Stereo Glasses, Stereo Viewers

Note: Red-Cyan primarily used for books; Red-Blue primarily used for computer screens and movies.

clip-on 3d stereo glasses

Anaglyph 3D Stereo Glasses, Red-Cyan Clip-on Type

Clips onto your glasses and can be flipped up when not needed.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
1121-8 Red-Cyan 3D Stereo Clip-on Glasses each $14.95

Folding Pocket Stereo Viewer, 2 or 4X

This viewer is designed for viewing sets of 3-D photographs. Two folding legs support it. Use the viewer by placing the 3-D photographs flat and then viewing them with both eyes. The coated lenses are 32mm in diameter and the magnifier is either 2X or 4X, depending on your purchase. Eye-to-eye width between lenses can be adjusted. If the pictures are incorrectly positioned, right and left, a mountain, for example, will look like a valley.
Unfolded 2X - 118 x 56 x 124mm, weighing 227gm.
Unfolded 4X - 118 x 56 x 82mm, weighing 216gm.

PELCO® Technical Notes for Stereo Viewer with Case with 2x Magnification (339k pdf)

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
758 Folding Stereo Viewer, 2x each $54.55
758-2 Folding Stereo Viewer, 4x each 54.55