quartz microscope slides and coverslips cover slips

Quartz Glass Microscope Slides

Quartz Glass Microscope Slides and Cover Slips are a necessity for microscopy applications where UV transparency is needed. They can also be used for high end microscopy applications to reduce signal loss due to absorption. Other applications can involve UV radiation transparency. The quartz slides can also be used for high temperature applications up to 1250°C (2282°F). Above this temperature the material will start to soften. The quartz material used to manufacture our high quality quartz microscope slides and coverslips is the GE 124 type high purity fused quartz, a well documented quartz used over decades in microscopy applications. Technical information about GE 124 Quartz. Transparency is provided for 0.19 to 4.2um with very low absorbance in the 0.26 to 2.6um range. Surface flatness is ±1 degree with 60/40 scratch/dig specifications.

Quartz Microscope Slides are available in the standard 1mm thickness and sizes of 3"x2", 3"x1", 2"x1" and 1"x1". Quartz coverslips are available in several sizes and thicknesses, although for most microscopy applications the 0.25mm thickness is adequate. Tolerance is +/- 0.005" (127um).

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
26009 Quartz Slide, 3" x 2" (76.2mm x 50.8mm), 1mm thick each $53.00
26011 Quartz Slide, 3" x 1" (76.2mm x 25.4mm), 1mm thick each 21.00
26012 Quartz Slide, 2" x 1" (50.8mm x 25.4mm), 1mm thick each 22.00
26013 Quartz Slide, 1" x 1" (25.4mm x 25.4mm), 1mm thick each 15.10

Petrographic Microscope Slides

Petrographic Microscope Slides, 46 x 27mm

Plain glass slides made from the finest quality non-corrosive white glass.
Edges are precision ground and polished. Each box contains 72 slides.

Size: 46 x 27 x 1.2mm (1-7/8 x 1-1/16 x 1/16")

PELCO® GEOSLIDES Petrographic Slide Storage Boxes

Thin sections made from rocks, minerals, cement/concrete, construction and building materials, and bone are mounted with epoxy, Crystalbond™ or Mounting Media onto a 46 x 27mm glass slide for routine petrography, reflected and transmitted light microscopy, EPMA, SEM/EDS, automated mineralogy, cathodoluminescence (CL) and EBSD analyses. Coverslips reduce light scattering effects due to remnant pits and scratches formed in polishing steps. Uncovered thin sections can be coated with oil, Histomount™ or clear nail polish prior to analyses.

Prod # Description Unit Qty Price Order / Quote
260600 Petrographic Microscope Slides, 46 x 27mm box/72 1-3 $25.00
4+ 21.63

plastic microscope slides

Treated Plastic Microscope Slides

75 x 25 x 1.1mm

These versatile, low-cost microscope slides can be used wherever glass slides are used, including sample preparation in the field. They are safer than glass slides because they are more impact resistant than ordinary glass slides. Plastic slides do not leave any sharp edges when broken. Two versions of plastic microscope slides are offered. One is made of general purpose "crystal" polystyrene and the other is made of UVT (UV Transmittable) acrylic. Their transparency and optical quality are identical to viewing through a flat-bottom microplate well.

The surfaces are tissue culture treated by using a dry treatment of gas plasma, gamma sterilized and can therefore be used with the following applications:
  • Cell and tissue culture studies.
  • Immunofluorescence and immunostaining for cytology, histology, parasitology, bacteriology and virology, etc.
  • Immobilization of DNA, nucleic acids, antibodies, proteins and other small molecules.
  • Protein printing and microarrays.
  • Hybridization studies.

These slides are produced under rigorous quality control conditions for clean and uniform surfaces with low background readings. They have enhanced protein binding characteristics. They are RNase and DNase free.

The slides are not resistant to the following chemicals: ethanol, methanol, phenol, organic acids (e.g., acetic acid), gasoline, aromatic solvents (e.g., benzene, toluene, xylene and turpentine), chlorinated hydrocarbons (e.g., methylene chloride and tetrachloromethane), ketones and others.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
260225 Plastic Microscope Slides, treated, polystyrene
(75 x 25 x 1.1mm)
pkg 25 $20.00
260226 Plastic Microscope Slides, treated, UVT acrylic
(75 x 25 x 1.1mm)
pkg/25 20.00

spot slides 8 well
spot slides 10 well
spot slides 12 well

Spot Slides Multi-Well Microscope Slides

Made from clear soda lime corrosion resistant glass. Precleaned slides with a size of 3" x 1" (76.2 x 25.4mm and a 1-1.2mm thickness) and a coating thickness of 0.130mm. Ground edges with 90 degree corners. No notable interference from UV absorption or reflection in the 250-350nm range (tested with 280nm).

The technically advanced hydrophobic coating prevents cross contamination by keeping fluids in the well area. Features include: super hydrophobic printed mask with clean wettable wells. The printed mask is an epoxy ink with PTFE.  This coating thickness is 0.130mm.

  • Hydrophobic microscope slides used in immunofluorescence, DNA and histology applications.
  • Durable printed surface inert to common laboratory chemicals and reagents.
  • Acetone resistant
Slides may be autoclaved and able to withstand sterilization processes.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
260503 3 x 1" x 1.1mm, Printed Mask Spot Slide with 8 wells per slide, each well 5mm dia. pkg/144 $130.00
260504 3 x 1" x 1.1mm, Printed Mask Spot Slide with 10 wells per slide, each well 5mm dia. pkg/144 139.70
260505 3 x 1" x 1.1mm, Printed Mask Spot Slide with 12 wells per slide, each well 5mm dia. pkg/144 135.00

concavity slides with one well

Cavity Slides with Single or Double Wells

Cavity Microscopy slides with single or double precisely ground and polished spherical depressions or cavities. Also known as depression, concavity, or well slides. The concave wells are particularly useful for holding liquid samples. Also useful for tissue cultures. Slide dimensions are 3 x 1" (76 x 26mm) with a nominal thickness of 1.1mm (varies between 1 - 1.2mm). Well size is 15mm diameter and 0.5 - 0.55mm deep. Available with either one or two cavities. Packed in a box of 72 slides. Each slide separated by optical lens paper.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
260241 3 x 1" x 1.1mm, Cavity Slide with Single Well pkg/72 $48.00
260242 3 x 1" x 1.1mm, Cavity Slide with Double Well pkg/72 61.00

Gold Coated Slide and Coverslips

PELCO® Gold Coated Microscope Slide

High quality glass, standard microscope slides coated with 50nm of gold with a 5nm chromium adhesion layer between the glass slide surface and the gold coating. Can be used for a wide range of nanotechnology, biotechnology and AFM applications. Also suitable as an opaque microscopy support. Both Cr and Au are evaporated on the glass slide using a vacuum evaporation system. The gold surface is not atomically flat, but has bumps in the nm range. The gold slides are individually packed in a slide mailer. The gold slides are autoclavable.

Glass slide: 75 x 25mm , 1mm thickness, soda lime glass
Chromium adhesion layer thickness: 5nm
Gold layer thickness: 50nm (+/- 5nm)
Gold purity: 99.999%

PELCO® Pro Gold Plated Tweezers

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
26002-G Gold Coated 75 x 25mm Microscope slide, 50nm Au each $84.00