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Easy-Grip Combo Ear Punch

These tools are not intended for use with live human tissue or liquids
or human material unless specifically described for that purpose.

Easy-Grip Combo Ear Punch
Easy-Grip Combo Ear Punch close up
close up view of rotating disk with
1mm and 2mm punch holes.

Ear punching is a simple way to identify laboratory animals and is also used for genotyping and other biopsy assays. The high quality instrument we offer is ergonomic and easy on fingers, unlike the ring-handle or short clip-style varieties. This results in an easy and clean punch, with less fatigue. The pin and hole are close to the jaws’ tip for easy positioning over the animal’s ear. The long handles provide the leverage and ensure that the technician’s hand is well away from the animal. This combo ear punch features a rotating hole disk that allows for 1mm and 2mm punches with one instrument.

  • Ergonomic, comfortable grip
  • Easy to clean
  • Allows for 1mm and 2mm punches in one instrument

This product is intended for use with laboratory animals only, and is not for human use.

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Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
15112 Ear punch, Easy-Grip, Combo 1mm & 2mm each $118.00