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tomography grid

Tomography Grids

1.5mm square copper grid, 300 mesh

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
5GC300 Tomography Grid, Cu pkg/50 $135.00

1. Used to pick up many individual sections or ribbons and to transfer them onto another grid
2. It can also be formvar coated as a receiving grid for examination of a large number of sections.
3. When formvar coated, it will support 2 or even 3 parallel ribbons of serial sections, with no obscuring grid bars.
4. Hole size 50% greater than the largest slot grid.
5. There are two slits in the rim area which allow it to be easily bent with forceps to make a tab, while keeping the remainder of the grid surface flat prior to picking up ribbons.

References: Chien K, Van de Velde R, Heusser R, 1985. Simultaneous ultramicrotomy of multiple areas and examination of ribbons on one new grid. Proc 43rd Annual Meeting, Elec Micr Soc Amer, G W Bailey, ed, San Francisco Press, 460.
Galey FR, Nilsson SEG, 1966. A new method for transferring sections from the liquid surface of the trough through staining solutions to the supporting film of a grid. J Ultrastruct Res, 14, 405-410.
Prod # Description Unit Qty Price Order / Quote
9GC20H Chien One-hole Grids, 2.375mm, 3.0mm O.D., Copper 100/vial 1-9 $42.00
10+ 39.45

Pyrolytic Carbon Grids

pyrolytic carbon grid
16540 16541

Specimen support with low X-ray background, approximately 0.2mm thick.

Pyrolytic carbon grids are offered having three hole sizes; 1.5, 1 and 0.4mm.
The grids are 3mm O.D. standard) and can be handled like any ordinary grid.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
16540 PELCO® Pyrolytic Carbon Grid, 1.5mm hole pkg/10 $15.75
16541 PELCO® Pyrolytic Carbon Grid, 1.0mm hole pkg/10 13.50