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TEM Grids Overview

The largest and most comprehensive selection of transmission electron microscopy grids, support films and SiN membranes
for all TEM applications in life science, materials sciences, semiconductor and nanotechnology.

pelco tem 50 mesh grid pelco transmission electron microscopy grid pelco honeycomb tem grid pelco slot grid
PELCO® Grids
Comprehensive selection of easy handling, wide rim, sturdy grids.
Mesh, Hexagonal, Slot and Hole
pelco transmission electron microscopy grid pelco honeycomb tem grid pelco slot grid
PELCO® Special Metal Grids
Stainless Steel, Titanium, Molybdenum, Aluminum
50 mesh grid gilder triple slot grids
Large selection of well defined, thinner grids up to 2000 mesh.
Mesh, Hexagonal, Slot and Hole
stratatek 100 mesh transmisson electron microscopy grid stratatek 100 mesh hexagonal tem grid
stratatek folding tem grid
StrataTek™ Grids
Affordable, sturdy, medium mesh grids.
Mesh, Hexagonal, Slot and Hole
reference finder grids
pelco pinpointer grid
Reference / Finder Grids
Wide selection of reference, locator and micron index grids.
veco center reference grids
veco hexagonal grid 100 mesh veco 200 mesh handle grid veco slotted pattern single slot grids
Veco Grids
Selection of rigid grids.
Mesh, Hexagonal, and Slot
maxtaform tem grid, 100 mesh maxtaform tem grid, 150 mesh maxtaform tem grid, 400 mesh
Maxtaform Grids
Selection of Rh coated grids.
athene thin bar grid
athene 200 mesh, centre mark athene slot grid
SynapTek Grids

SynapTek Slotted Grids
SynapTek™ Grids
Thicker notch type slotted grids.
chien grid

tomography grid
Specialty Grids
Pyrolytic Carbon Grids, Titanium Folding Grids, Tomography Grids, Chien Grids

PELCO FIB Lift-Out Grids
Lift-Out Grids

silicon aperture frame 1.0 x 1.0mm
PELCO® Silicon
Aperture Frames

omniprobe lift-out grid with 4 posts
Omniprobe FIB
Lift-Out Grids

pelco reverse tweezers, curved self closing

dumont no. 5 sharp tweezers

dumont high precision fine points, bent at 45 degrees tweezers
Grid Tweezers

pelco grid storage box
TEM Grid Storage Boxes

Substrates - Support Films for TEM Applications

quantifoil  square mesh 7x7µm

orthogonal array quantifoil substrate 2µm dia.

orthogonal array quantifoil substrate 1.2µm dia.

Quantifoil Substrates

silicon nitride membranes

Silicon Nitride
Support Films

Silicon Dioxide
Support Films

Substratek support film

TEM Substrates

Metallic Support Films

PELCO Graphene Support Films

PELCO® Graphene
Support Films

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