Surgical & Dissection Tools Overview

Large Selection of Surgical and Dissection Tools Available for Multiple Applications

These tools are not intended for use with live human tissue or liquids
or human material unless specifically described for that purpose.

liston bone cutter, 14cm, curved
liston bone cutter, 14cm, curved
reflex wound clip applier, 7mm
NEW Reflex Wound Clips, Appliers & Removers

gross dissection tools
Gross Dissection
Essential tools and
accessories for dissection

scalpel set stainless steel scalpel blades for No. 3 Handles
single edge, carbon steel blade
Large selection of blades
for most sectioning needs

liston bone cutters
Bone Cutters

Bone Saw
Bone Saws

Oscillating Autopsy Saw, oscillationg laboratory saw
Autopsy Saws,
Oscillating Bone Saws

micro probesNeedles, Probes & Picks

elevators and dissectors
Elevators & Dissectors

elevators and dissectors
Spatulas & Spoons, Micro

ligature scissors

Comprehensive selection of
scissors for varied applications
Hemostats (Locking Forceps)

Various styles and lengths
to fit various needs
Tissue Punches

Multiple styles with assorted tip sizes; self-healing mat available
Easy-Grip Combo Ear Punch close up
Easy-Grip Combo
Ear Punch
medium dissecting forcepsaesculap dissecting forceps

Large array of forceps
for all aspects of
laboratory use
curved tip tweezerPELCO Reverse Tweezers, Flat

Vast selection of tweezers
from high precision
to economical
Surgical LoupesSurgical Loupes

Micro-DrillIdeal Micro-Drill™