Cressington Coaters Overview

108 Auto/SE Sputter Coater

for applications where the coating thickness must have a very high degree of uniformity

The 108 Auto/SE Sputter Coater with 150mm Ø Chamber

The 108 Auto/SE Sputter Coater is the Special Equipment version of the Automatic Coater Product No. 7002. The 108 Auto/SE is intended for use in applications where the coating thickness must have a very high degree of uniformity. The chamber size has been increased to 150mm diameter to accommodate the Rotary-Planetary-Tilting Stage developed for the 208HR High Resolution Coater model.

The 108 Auto/SE Sputter Coater can be fitted with an optional MTM-10 or MTM-20 Thickness Measurement System and the optional Rotary-Planetary-Tilting or Rotary-Tilting Stage to accommodate multiple or large samples.

108 Auto/SE Sputter Coater
with MTM-20 High Resolution
Thickness Controller and
R-P-T Stage

Rotary-Planetary-Tilting Stage
with Adjustable Tilt (#9524)

Rotary-Tilting Stage (#9660)

108 Auto/SE Sputter Coater Accessories & Consumables
RT Stage for 208 and 108Auto/SE
RT/RPT Stage
108 spares
RVP pump for 108 coaters
Vacuum Systems
sputter targets
single and dual all metal vacuum connection kit
Single & Dual Connetion Kits
thickness measurement systems
Thickness Measurement Systems

Specifications for the 108 Auto/SE Sputter Coater

Ordering Information
Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
7008 108 Auto/SE Sputter Coater, 115VAC* each P.O.R.
7008-220 108 Auto/SE Sputter Coater, 220VAC* each P.O.R.
* The 108 Auto SE Sputter Coater includes: 91110 Gold Target; 7021 Specimen Mount Stage for 12 pin mounts; Telescopic Top Plate Support; 150mm dia. Chamber; Manual Target Shutter; and Operating Instructions.

How do the 108 Auto and the 108 Auto/SE compare?

108C Auto/SE Carbon Coater
108 Auto/SE
108C Auto Carbon Coater
108 Auto
1. Increased chamber diameter
Chamber size has been increased to permit coating of larger samples. Standard Chamber 150mm diameter x 165mm
150mm Ø 120mm Ø
2. Target shutter
Target shutter has been added to condition special targets prior to coating
X -
3. Variable chamber geometry (option)
Adjustable chamber height is used to improve coating uniformity and vary the deposition rate from 0.0001 to 1.0nm/sec
X -
4. Sample stage movements (option)
Separate rotary, planetary and tilting sample movements to optimize coating distribution and coverage.
X -
5. Superior sputter head design
Stronger magnetic field for improved deposition rate.
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