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Laboratory Tape, Cryo Tape
& Dispensers

NEW Cryogenic NitroTAPE™

temperature range from -196°C to +100°C

NitroTAPEā„¢ is a permanent cryogenic tape for plastic and glass vials, microtubes, cryo and freezer boxes, plastic bags and other containers. Intended for long-term specimen preservation in liquid phase and vapor phase liquid nitrogen (-196°C), laboratory freezers (-20°C, -70°C, -80°C, -120°C) and dry ice (-78.5°C).

Waterproof and wear and tear proof. It resists multiple freeze-thaw cycles and is ideal for dry-ice transportation. It also withstands boiling water (5 min at +100°C) and Gamma irradiations (up to 50KGy, tested). Weatherproof, it is also perfect for exterior use.

Supplied in a continuous roll format with a support liner, on 1" core. Comes with a side tab and underscore for easy removal. Printable with all major brands of thermal-transfer barcode printers (Zebra, SATO, CAB, Printronix, Datamax-O’Neil, Intermec, etc.). Also accepts writing with permanent markers such as Cryo-Marker™. Where alcohol-resistance is required, printing with alcohol-proof resin ribbons is recommended.
Ideal for use in biological, biomedical, biopharmaceutical research, clinical labs, biorepositories, cell and tissue banks, and in other specimen bio preservation laboratories. Ideal for hard to label applications where a reliable long-term adhesion to cryogenic is critical.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
22316 Cryogenic Tape, 19mm x 15M, Roll, white White each $24.00
22316-1 Cryogenic Tape, 19mm x 15M, Roll, yellow Yellow each 24.00
22316-2 Cryogenic Tape, 19mm x 15M, Roll, yellow Blue each 24.00
22316-3 Cryogenic Tape, 19mm x 15M, Roll, yellow Orange each 24.00

Laboratory Tape

NEW Laboratory Tape

High-quality, versatile general purpose color tape ideal for a range of applications.

This self-adhesive impregnated paper tape is water proof, oil proof and acid resistant. It adheres to virtually any clean and dry surface and peels off easily, leaving no residue. It also accepts writing from virtually any kind of pencils, pens and markers.

This multi-purpose tape will withstand temperatures from -40°C to +110°C, and has an application temperature as low as 0°C. It is available in a width of 13mm in 4 colors and can fit into laboratory or standard 3" tape dispensers. Ideal for applications such as color coding, labeling, sealing, and more.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
22317 Laboratory Tape, 13mm x 55M, Roll, white White each $12.00
22317-1 Laboratory Tape, 13mm x 55M, Roll, yellow Yellow each 12.00
22317-2 Laboratory Tape, 13mm x 55M, Roll, yellow Blue each 12.00
22317-3 Laboratory Tape, 13mm x 55M, Roll, yellow Orange each 12.00

ResiTAG Chemically Resistant Labels

NEW Heavy Duty Metal Frame Multi-Roll Tape Dispensers

Three models available with total dispensing widths of 1", 2" and 3"

Ideal for laboratory use. Can hold 0.25" to 3" wide tapes, with 3" cores, with up to 180' or more in length. Multi-roll construction allows storage of various colors and sizes of tapes on the same dispenser. 

Ergonomic design allows easy and rapid changes of rolls. Slip-resistant base and small footprint. Integrated cutter allows easy and clean cutting. Wave-cutting blade is covered under a protective plastic shield to reduce the risk of injury. Metal powder coating meets RoHS standards.

ResiTAG Chemically Resistant Labels ResiTAG Chemically Resistant Labels
1" Tape Dispenser
2" Tape Dispenser
3" Tape Dispenser

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
22318-1 Tape Dispenser, 1" (25.4mm) Wide each $44.00
22318-2 Tape Dispenser, 2" (50.8mm) Wide each 48.00
22318-3 Tape Dispenser, 3" (76.2mm) Wide each 53.00