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TEM Supplies

A comprehensive selection of high quality transmission electron microscopy supplies specially developed for TEM sample preparation.

pelco tem 50 mesh gridpelco transmission electron microscopy gridpelco honeycomb tem gridpelco slot grid

TEM Grids

formvar support film gridsupport films

Support Films


K-kit for Liquid TEM

Silicon Nitride

PELCO® 8nm
Silicon Nitride Support Films for TEM

 Silicon Dioxide Support Films for TEM

PELCO® Silicon Dioxide
Support Films for TEM

tem test specimen

TEM Calibration Standards

TEM Carbon Coater 208C

TEM Carbon Coater 208C

PELCO easiGlow™
Glow Discharge Cleaning System
PELCO BioWave Pro+
PELCO BioWave® Pro+
Microwave Tissue Processor
pelco grid storage box
gilder grid storage box
TEM Grid Boxes

Dumont Biology Grade Tweezers
Dumont BiologyDumont Clamping Ring Tweezers
Dumont Clamping RingDumont Anti-Capillary Tweezers
Dumont Anti-Capillary
Dumont Anti-Capillary Reverse (self closing) Tweezers
Dumont Anti-Capillary
Reverse (self-closing)

Grid Tweezers
Tweezer Selector

Large Cryogenic Dewar FlasksVitrobot - Cryo Grid Boxes
Cryo TEM Supplies
quantifoil calibration

Quantifoil Substrates

menco staining pad
Grid Pads for Staining
and Holding Grids

TEM Grid Staining Chemicals

grid staining transmission electron microscopy grids
PELCO® 22510
Grid Staining Matrix System
PELCO Tem Grid Holder Blocks
PELCO® TEM Grid Holder Blocks

Substratek TEM substrates

TEM Metalic Substrates
cryo grid boxes for gatan 626 and ct3500 cryo transfer systems

Cryo Grid Boxes

TEM Calibration Grid Holder

TEM Calibration Grid Holder

PELCO® TEM Grid Vacuum Desiccator
Vacuum Desiccator

1 x 2mm gilded notch-num slot syanptek grid

transmission electron microscopy grid staining with gridstick
PELCO® SynapTek Grids
and SynapTek GridStick Coating System