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SEM Supplies & Accessories Overview

SEM Specimen Mounts:

zeiss pin mountamray pin mountlow profile 45 and 90 degree sem mount SEM Pin Stub Specimen Mounts,
small, large, low profile, angled,
engraved, mini
zeiss pin mount 16145 16145
Serial Block-Face EM Pin Mounts
Pelco Q MountsPelco Q Mounts PELCO® Q Correlative SEM Pin Mounts,
Square with reference notch, engraved
SEM Cylinder Specimen Mountssem 70 degree cylinder specimen mountSEM Cylinder Specimen Mounts SEM Cylinder Specimen Mounts,
small, large, angled, engraved, JEOL, Hitachi, ISI/TOPCON, DEBEN Coolstage
low profile pin mount for fibshort pin low profile 90° pin mount for fib low profile 38° pin mount for fib Low Profile Pin Mounts for FIB Applications,
short and long pin, specific angles
Carbon pin specimen mount for scanning electron microscopyCarbon specimen mount for scanning electron microscopycylindrical carbon mount for SEM Carbon SEM Specimen Mounts
pin mounts, cylinder mounts,
and M4 threaded mounts
Pin Mount Adapter to Hitachi M4 or ISI/ABT/Topcon mountsJEOL or ISI/ABT/Topcon mounts to pin stub SEM Specimen Mount Adapters,
pin mounts, cylinder mounts, Hitachi M4,
JEOL, S-4, pin mount to T-base
type 3 specimen mounttype 1 specimen mount SEM Rectangular Mounts
for the Hitachi S-5200/5500
18mm PELCO SEMClip™ Specimen Pin Mount with one clip16141 PELCO SEMClip™, cylinder and pin mounts with clips, single or multiple clips, angled, plain and M4 threaded
PELCO Low Profile SEMClip 12.7mm Pin Mount PELCO Low Profile SEMClip 15x6xM4 Cylinder Mount for Hitachi SEMs PELCO Low Profile SEMClip 25x6mmxM4 Cylinder Mount PELCO Low Profile SEMClip™ mounts for high tilt and low working distance
18mm pin mount with 3 divisions32 x 6mm x M4 cylinder mount with 12 divisions SEM Mounts with Numbered Divisions,
pin mount, cylinder mount, plain
and M4 threaded

SEM Specimen Holders:

cross sectional holder SEM specimen mount45° Multi Holder for 3 Pin Stubs 45° Pin Stub Holder Pin Mount SEM Specimen Holders
FEI/Philips, ZEISS/LEO, Tescan, CamScan
stub adapter with mountsingle flat sample clip holder and dovetail stage adapter PELCO® Modular SEM Specimen Holders
Modular system with interchangeable holders and stage adapters.
EBSD Pre-Tilt Holder for Thin SpecimensEBSD Pre-Tilt Holder for Thin SpecimensEBSD Pre-Tilt Holder for Slides
ESBD 70° Pre-Tilt SEM Holders
SEM Specimen ViseSpecimen holder for cylinders up to 22mm Hitachi Holders with M4 Threads
JEOL Thin Specimen Split Mount SEM Double Slotted Set Screw Vise Specimen Holder JEOL Stage Adapter for Pin Mounts Jeol Specimen Holders
hitachi profile holder Hitachi T-base Specimen Holders
SEM Stage Adapters SEM Stage Adapters
FEI, Hitachi
scanning electron microscopy wafer holder SEM Wafer Holders
Square Multi Pin Holders PELCO® Q Square Multi Pin Holders

SEM Specimen Substrates:

beryllium planchet Beryllium Planchets
planchet holder pinplanchet holder M4 Carbon Planchets and Holders
mica disks for sem silicon chip supports for sem Mica and Silicon Chip Specimen Supports


carbon conductive tabs SEM Adhesive Tabs, Tapes
and Sheets - Conductive
PELCO® Conductive Colloidal Silver Paste SEM Paint, Paste, Aerosol
and Pen - Conductive

Equipment / Accessories:

Specimen Preparation Stations
Scanning Electron Microscopy Finder Grid SEMF3SEM Finder and Locator Grid SEMF2 Finder Grids for SEM Specimen Mounts


scanning electron microscopy pin mount boxcylinder mount box
SEM Specimen Mount Storage
cylindrical mount gripper, 12.5mm
grooved sem pin mount gripper, 12.7mm
SEM Specimen Mount Grippers


prickly gold SEM Calibration

Pin Mount Specimen Kits:

Specimen Mount Sets

Universal SEM Holder Kit

Compact SEM Pin Mount Kit

Specimen Mounts & Holders for:

Hitachi TM-1000 Table Top SEM, Scanning Electron Microscope Hitachi TM4000/TM3030/TM3000/TM1000 Table Top SEMs
Keysight 8500 Keysight 8500 FE-SEM
FEI Phenom Table Top SEM, Scanning Electron Microscope
Phenom Desktop SEM
JEOL NeoScope JSM-5000 Benchtop SEM, fits on small lab tabletop, also called benchtop SEM JEOL NeoScope Benchtop SEM

Essential SEM Consumables: