New Products

Including supplies, instruments, and laboratory equipment
for electron microscopy, light microscopy, and atomic force microscopy.

PELCO Precision Low Speed Saw
PELCO® Precision
Low Speed Saw
wire blades
Diamond Sectioning
& Wafering Blades

SliceMaster Sample
Preparation Tools
lapping fixtures
PELCO® Precision
Lapping Fixtures
BTX8 Tablet
Moticam® 1080
curved fine tip carbon tweezers, style 7
curved fine tip carbon tweezers, style 7
curved fine tip carbon tweezers, style 7 PELCO® ESD Safe, CF, Replaceable Tip Tweezers
x-checker wafer
PELCO X-Checker™ Wafer
Silicon Nitride Membrane for CLEM
Silicon Nitride
Windows for CLEM
5 x 5mm SiO2 diced wafer
Stealth-diced Ultra-Flat Wafers in Gel-Pak® Box
gel-pack VR box
Gel-Pak® Vacuum
Release Box
membrane box
Membrane Box
plastic box with 5 compartments
Polystyrene 50-compartment Sorting Boxes
PELCO® Pro Cyanoacrylate Debonder
PELCO® Cyanoacrylate
Cure Accelerator
ultraufoil closeup 1ultraufoil close up 2
UltrAuFoil® Holey Gold Support Films
nanogold 1.4nm
1.4nm Nanogold®
Secondary Antibody
Gold Conjugates
pelco conjugates
PELCO® Secondary
Antibody Gold
nanogold 1.4nm
Secondary Antibody Conjugates
Dry Cryo Shipper
4300ml Large Dewar
with Handle
gripper tool for cryo grid box
gripper tool for cryo grid box
Cryo Grid Box
Gripper Tool
Cryo GlovesCryo Gloves
Cryo Safety Gloves,
& Gaiters
cryo face shield
Cryo Protective
Face Shields

Cryo Tapes

Cryo Laminate
FormaliTag™ Formalin & Alcohol Resistant Labels
XyliTag™ & XyliTUFF™ Chemical Resistant Labels
histobond slides
Super Mega Slides
histobond coverglass
Super Mega Coverslips
Microscope Plastic Slide Mailer
Sideflip Top
5-Slide Mailers
slidefile jr 50 storage system
SlideFile™ Jr.
50 Slide Storage System
DrainRack™ Jr
DrainRack™ Jr.

IHC Slide Manager
Thermal IHC Slide Manager

OmniStor Cabinets
OmniStor Super Mega
Storage System
cellnass smartstor slide and cassette cabinet
Cellnass SmartStor Storage System
Slide Folder Clasps
Slide Holder Trays for 3 x 2" Large Slides
pelco spatula kit
PELCO® Stainless
Steel Spatulas
parapro blue bag
Blue Paraffin
super mega mothership cassette
Super Mega Mothership Cassettes & Molds
embedding molds
Stainless Steel
Base Molds
PELCO Histo Brush
PELCO® Histo Brush
Magnetic Induction StirrerMagnetic Induction Stirrer
Magnetic Induction Stirrers
Magnetic Induction Stirrer
Centrifuge & Stirrer
5ml Macrocentrifuge Storage Racks
Tubes, 5ml
LED Float Bath
Economy Tissue
Floatation Bath
carbon filters for histology instruments
CellTec Activated Carbon Filters for Histology Instruments
Safety & Warning Labels (Cryo/General)
True North Boxes
CryoSette™ Frozen
Tissue Storage System
Block Wax Trimmer+
Block Trimmer +
LED Float Bath
LED Tissue
Floatation Water Bath
& Slide Dryer Combo
LED Float Bath
Benchmark Digital
Stirrers & Hotplates
wound clip 7mm
wound clip 9mm
reflex wound clip applier, 7mm
Reflex Wound Clips, Appliers & Removers
Piglet Matrix, 2mm
Piglet Brain Matrix, 2mm
PELCO scissors
PELCO® Scissors
Steam Sterilization Tape
Autoclave Resistant Tape for Thermal Transfer Printers
Steam Sterilization Tape
Sterilization Indicator Tapes
micro bead sterilizer 3270
Micro Bead Sterilizers
seal'n freeze trays and freeze box
& Freeze Box

Sputter Targets
new styles available