New Products

Including supplies, instruments, and laboratory equipment
for electron microscopy, light microscopy, and atomic force microscopy.

PELCO Precision Wire Saw
PELCO® Precision Wire Saw™
PELCO Precision Low Speed Saw
PELCO® Precision
Low Speed Saw
lapping fixtures
PELCO® Precision
Lapping Fixtures
materials science mold
EDFA Silicone
Rubber Molds
conducto-mount graphite filled, conductive compression mount material
PELCO® Phenolic
Mounting Powder
TechnovitTechnovit Cast
Technovit® Acrylic Resin Systems
oval cutters
Tronex® Cutters

NEW styles available!
Mount Caps
PELCO® Tweezer & Tool Traps
PELCO Sample Clamp
PELCO® Sample Clamp, 3"
Gel-slide CD Series
Gel-Pak® Vacuum Release
& Accessories
Gel-slide CD Series
Gel-Pak® PortaVac

Sputter Targets
new styles available
MEDIZIME® LF Enzymatic Cleaner/Detergent
Spray Disinfectant
Hand Sanitizers & Cleaners
protective face shield disposable
Disposable Protective
Face Shield
Propette single channel pipettes
ProPette™ LE Single Channel Pipettors & Universal Tips
SureStand Pipette Racks
SureStand™ Pipette Racks
micro bead sterilizer 3270
nUVaClean™ UV
Pipette Cleaning Carousel
micro bead sterilizer 3270
Micro Bead Sterilizers
Propette single channel pipettes
Polyethelene Plastic Pasteur
Pipettes, Disposable
SEM Mount
70° / 20° EBSD
Pre-Tilt Holder
SEM Mount
Wider Version
Large Set Screw Vise
SEM MountSEM MountSEM Mount
JEOL Double 90°
Aluminum Mounts
SEM Mount
Hitachi Double 90°
Aluminum Mount
SEM MountSEM Mount
45° / 90° Mounts
SEM MountSEM MountSEM Mount
Double 90° Aluminum Mounts
SEM Mount
Low Profile Double 90°
Aluminum Mount
tilt pin mount front tilt pin mount back view
Tilt Mount, Pin
tilt mount front tilt mount back view
Tilt Mount, M4
double 45 degree mount with 6mm pin for ZEISS/LEO
Double 45º SEM Mount
Metallographic Mount Holder, 2"or 51mmMetallographic Mount Holder, 2"or 51mm
Low Profile Metallographic
Mount Holders
cryoultramicrotomy pin
Slotted Cryo Specimen Pin
gatan pin stubgatan 3view pin
Gatan 3View SEM Pin Stubs
well mount pin stub
Well Mount, Pin Stub

well mount M4
Well Mount, M4
TEM Grid Holder for 4 Grids
TEM 4 Grid Holder for SEM
Carbon Conductive TabsCarbon Conductive Tabs
Carbon Tabs with
Aluminum Foil Backing

NEW sizes available!
wire blades
Diamond Sectioning
& Wafering Blades
all-purpose utility scissors
Tough Fiber Scissors
claritex twin frosted slides
ClariTex Super Mega Microscope Slides & Coverslips

PELCO® Indicator
FIB Lift-Out Grids


lacey carbon
Lacey Carbon Grids,
200, 300, 400 mesh, Nickel
Metal - Cryo Grid BoxesMetal - Cryo Grid Boxes
Metal Cryo Grid
Storage Box
Silicon Nitride Membrane for CLEM
Silicon Nitride
Windows for CLEM
5 x 5mm SiO2 diced wafer
Stealth-diced Ultra-Flat
Wafers in Gel-Pak® Box
gripper tool for cryo grid box
gripper tool for cryo grid box
Cryo Grid Box
Gripper Tool
seal'n freeze trays and freeze box
& Freeze Box
membrane boxTwo Part - two clear clips
Membrane Boxes

NEW sizes available!
wound clip 7mm
wound clip 9mm
reflex wound clip applier, 7mm
Reflex Wound Clips, Appliers
& Removers
shur sharp microtome blades
CellEdge Low Profile
Microtome Blades
black, Conical Tubes, 15ml and  50ml
SureStrain™ & ReadyStrain™
Cell Strainer System
zipper bags
SureSeal™ Sterile
Sample Bags
antistatic weigh dishes, black
Antistatic Weighing Dishes,
Black, Square or Diamond Shaped
Steam Sterilization Tape
Autoclave Resistant Tape for Thermal Transfer Printers
Steam Sterilization Tape
Sterilization Indicator Tapes
tape removal spatula
Tape Removal Spatulas
Piglet Matrix, 2mm
Piglet Brain Matrix, 2mm
LED Float Bath
LED Tissue Floatation Water Bath & Slide Dryer Combo
Block Wax Trimmer+
Paraffin Block Trimmer +
Self Healing Cutting Mat
Cutting Mats
Tri-Stir Disposable Plastic Beakersbottles
Diamond RealSeal™ Plastic Carboys
Diamond RealSeal™
Large Format Plastic Bottles
Diamond RealSeal™
Narrow & Wide Mouth
Plastic Bottles
large pad
Anti-Vibration Pads for Vacuum Pumps
aluminum rapid punchrapid-punch replacement parts
Aluminum Rapid-Punch
& Replacement Parts
rapid core punches
Rapid-Core Punches
dissection kit
celledge trimming blades and handles
CellEdge® Trimming
Blades with Handles
aunex blade removerqlicksmart blade remover
Blade Removal Systems
blue box blade remover
single blade remover

Blade Removal Devices
& Blade Storage
PELCO easiShaper Carbon Rod Shaper
PELCO easiShaper™ Carbon Rod
Shaper Kit for 1/8" Carbon Rods
Vitreous Carbon Planchets
Vitreous Carbon Planchets

NEW sizes available!
carbon conductive tabs
PELCO Tabs™ Carbon
Conductive Tabs, Double Coated
NEW Sizes Available!
Easy-Grip Combo Ear Punch
Easy-Grip Combo Ear Punch
Ring Handle & Short Clip
Ear Punches
tumor matrices
Tumor Matrices
15481 15481 with sample
Top Referencing Metallographic Mount Holders

Diamond PerfectMark™
stir bars
Magnetic Stir Bars
planchet holder pinMetallurgical Mount Holder, 25mm (1"
planchet holder M415539
Carbon Planchet Holders
PELCO 18 SEM Pin Mount Storage Holder and Box
Cryo Pin Storage Boxes

Blotting Paper
EBSD Holder for 1-1/4"/32mm Mounts EBSD Holder for 1-1/4"/32mm Mounts EBSD Holder for 1-1/4"/32mm Mounts
Transmission EBSD Holders
bottle top dispenser
Diamond SureFlowâ„¢
Bottle Top Dispensers
AutoGrid Tweezers
AutoGrid Tweezers
AutoGrid Tweezers for Cryo