New Products

Including supplies, instruments, and laboratory equipment
for electron microscopy, light microscopy, and atomic force microscopy.

Centrifuge, Mini, MC-6600 Mini Centrifuge
PELCO® Dimpler™
for TEM Specimens
590 Polisher
PELCO® Tripod
Polisher 590™

Dry Cryo Shipper
PELCO easiGlow™
Cryo-EM Glow
Discharge Set

Dry Cryo Shipper
Dry Cryo Shipper
small dust cover
PELCO® Mounting Waxes
diamond suspensionsPELCO® Monocrystalline
Diamond Suspension

Silicon Carbide Grinding Powders
Boron Carbide & Silicon
Carbide Grinding Powders

diamond wafering blades
PELCO® Diamond
Wafering Blades
colloidal silica suspension
PELCO® Colloidal Silica Suspensions
PELCO Acrylimet
PELCO® Acrylimet
Slide Folder Clasps
Slide Folder Rack & Clasps
LED Lighted Forceps
LED Lighted
Forceps & Scissors
parapro blue bag
Blue Paraffin
Formalin Neutralizers
& Spill Kits
True North Boxes
CryoSette™ Frozen
Tissue Storage System
Lab-TAG Labels
Lab-TAG™ Laboratory
Label Systems

5 Biopsy Cassettes
histo-quill pen
Histology/Cytology Pen
Cryo Markers
Cryogenic Permanent
Marking Pens

cryo EM marker pens
Cryo-EM Marker Pens
ResiTAG Chemically Resistant Labels
Tapes & Dispensers
small dust cover
PELCO® Lapping Discs
Carbon Tape with Al Back
Aluminum Backed
Carbon Tape
ultraufoil closeup 1ultraufoil close up 2
UltrAuFoil® Holey Gold Support Films

quantifoil calibration
Quantifoil® TEM Substrates
New geometries available!

Formvar / Carbon Grids
PELCO® NetMesh™
Lacey Carbon Grids

Formvar / Carbon Grids
Formvar / Carbon Grids
Formvar / Carbon Grids Gold Mesh
Formvar On Gold Mesh

asbestos grid
Asbestos Reference Grids

PELCO® Pro Cyanoacrylate Debonder
NanoVan® & Nano-W®
Pre-Made Negative Stains
Silicon Nitride Membrane for CLEM
Silicon Nitride
Windows for CLEM
x-ray window square
Silicon Nitride X-ray
Windows for TEM
PELCO® Pro Cyanoacrylate Debonder
Highly Uniform
Gold Nanoparticles
Correlative Coverslip Round
Round Correlative Microscopy Coverslips
SBEM pin mount
Serial Block-Face EM
(SBEM) Pin Mounts
for Thermo Scientific VolumeScope™
gilder grid storage box
Gilder Grid Storage Box
gsb100 tem grid box
Low Profile
Grid Storage Boxes
small dust cover
Small Dust Cover
Autoclavable Storage Boxes
Storage Boxes
Economy Slide Mailer
Polystyrene Storage
& Sorting Boxes
Carbon Conductive Tabs
Aluminum Backed
Carbon Tabs
embedding molds
Stainless Steel
Base Molds
histobond slides
Super Mega Slides
histobond coverglass
Super Mega Coverslips
carbon filters for histology instruments
CellTec Activated Carbon Filters for Histology Instruments
50 x 70mm Clear Wall Foil Bottom Dishes
PELCO® Clear & Black Wall
Foil Bottom Dishes