round silicone mold

Round Silicone Rubber Molds, Reusable, White

Reusable molds for cold embedding made from sturdy, yet flexible, white silicone. Special formulation ensures easy removal without the use of release agents. Smooth surface for easy identification of samples in clear resins: much smoother than rubber molds. Does not deform and holds shape to produce round embedding over and over again. Available in four sizes; 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" and 2" internal diameter. All molds are 1" high with 3/4" internal depth. Sold in packs of 10 for 1", 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" and pack of 5 for 2" diameter.
Made in USA

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
813-172 Round Silicone Rubber Mold, white, 1" (25.4mm) dia. pkg/10 $64.50
813-174 Round Silicone Rubber Mold, white, 1-1/4" (31.75mm) dia. pkg/10 68.00
813-176 Round Silicone Rubber Mold, white, 1-1/2" (38.1mm) dia. pkg/10 76.00
813-177 Round Silicone Rubber Mold, white, 2" (50.8mm) dia. pkg/5 76.00

materials science mold

Rectangular Silicone Rubber Molds, Reusable, White

Both sizes are 1" high with 3/4" internal depth. Internal dimensions are 2 -1/4 x 1" and 3 x 2".

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
813-183 Rectangular Silicone Rubber Mold, white, 2-1/4 x 1" pkg/5 $163.50
813-184 Rectangular Silicone Rubber Mold, white, 3 x 2" each 173.50

materials science mold materials science materials science mold  

NEW EDFA Silicone Rubber Molds

1.25", 1.5" and 2" internal diameters

Even in well-established procedures such as sample embedding, new developments are being made. Following a recently published development in sample preparation (see the 2020 article by Khatkhatay and Pichumani cited below, working with semiconductor flip-chip packaged devices), we have developed new silicone rubber molds for better performance, particularly in failure analysis.

#813-178 #813-179 #813-180

These molds are designed for molding small samples, cross sections, or similar. In these types of samples the area of the sample makes up a small proportion of the surface area and polishing becomes limited by the large surface of embedding media. Also, with small samples it can be difficult to monitor the polishing progress. These molds drastically reduce the surface area of exposed resin while providing a much better view of thin, tall samples such as electronic circuit chips and boards. The more economical volume of resin required and smaller surface area also results in a significant reduction in the consumption of polishing supplies.

The optimal sample size for these molds is 3/8" (10mm) or less in thickness (for cross sections). The central portion of the mold accommodates the device during the resin pour and set up. The large blocks on either side exclude resin to funnel it into the central channel around the device and into the channel around the perimeter. This reduces the surface area of the cast resin by up to 48%, with a dramatic reduction in the grinding and polishing time required to reach the feature of interest.

Resin volumes to fill molds (nominal): 8mL, 15 mL, 20 mL compares favorably with 20 mL, 30 mL, 50 mL for standard molds. These molds are compatible with any of our Embedding Resins.

    materials science mold materials science mold    
    #813-180 2" diameter EDFA Mold.
Shown with cast sample at right.
Top down view of sample cast in 1.5" EDFA Mold #813-179.    

Khatkhatay, F. and Pichumani, P.S., Innovative puck design for the mechanical cross-sectioning and subsequent analysis of semiconductor packaged samples in failure analysis, Electronic Device Failure Analysis, 2020 22:2, 4-12

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
813-178 EDFA Mold, 1.25" internal diameter each $10.70
813-179 EDFA Mold, 1.5" internal diameter each 11.15
813-180 EDFA Mold, 2" internal diameter each 21.40

2-part plastic molds

2-Part Plastic Molds

For making cold embeddings with epoxy. Separate cap for easy removal. Use Mold Release before pouring resin. Sold in packs of 12 for 1", 1-1/4", and 1-1/2".

Product # 813-165 813-167 813-169
ID Top 1.0" 1.25" 1.50"
OD Top 1.15" 1.38" 1.62"
OD Base 1.38" 1.56" 1.87"
Height Overall 1.30" 1.30" 1.30"
Height Less Base 1.21" 1.21" 1.21"
Interior Depth 1.10" 1.10" 1.10"

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
813-165 2-Part Plastic Mold, 1" pkg/12 $36.70
813-167 2-Part Plastic Mold, 1-1/4" pkg/12 37.25
813-169 2-Part Plastic Mold, 1-1/2" pkg/12 44.00

Mount Caps

Protective Mount Caps

Rigid mount caps to protect metallographic or petrographic mounts with 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2"or 2" diameter. Made of black polethylene. Height approximately 1/2" (12.7mm). Sold in packs of 25 for 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" and in pack of 10 for 2" diameter.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
813-225 Protective Caps for 1" mounts pkg/25 $5.25
813-232 Protective Caps for 1-1/4" mounts pkg/25 6.75
813-238 Protective Caps for 1-1/2" mounts pkg/25 9.45
813-250 Protective Caps for 2" mounts pkg/10 7.95