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NEW PELCO® Precision Lapping Fixtures

Precision lapping, polishing, and thinning for all sample types

lapping fixtures

Precision hand lapping fixtures allow for the preparation of planar, parallel, and highly polished surfaces on metallographic specimens, single-crystal wafers, electronic materials, glasses, or other materials.

Lapping processes are also used to generate highly parallel, smooth faces, and to thin specimens to a precise target thickness. This is particularly useful in hand polishing semiconductors, optical components, and for thinning TEM specimens before finishing via dimple polishing.

PELCO® lapping fixtures allow for lapping of samples from <1/8" (3mm) to 1" (25mm) in diameter, and up to 1/2" (13 mm) thick. Micrometer and shim-controlled versions are available. Fixtures are equipped with tungsten carbide feet, which are highly resistant to wear from the lapping process.

Fixtures & Features

The PELCO® 14100 Shimmed Lapping Fixture has a magnetic sample mount and uses shims to set sample thickness. It can accommodate samples 0.5" (13mm) in diameter and is supplied with¬†shims from 0.0010" to 0.0222" (0.025 to 0.508mm) in thickness.

The PELCO® 14500 Lapping Fixture is micrometer-controlled and can accommodate specimens up to 0.5" (13mm) in diameter, and 0.5" (13mm) in height.

The¬†PELCO® 15000 Lapping Fixture is micrometer-controlled, and can accommodate specimens up to 1" (25mm) in diameter and 0.5" (13mm) tall.


The PELCO® Lapping Tray is a convenient solution for hand lapping or polishing with any of the PELCO® 14100, 14500, 15000 Lapping Fixtures and with the PELCO® Tripod Polisher™ 590. It provides a smooth, flat, and stable polished glass surface for lapping in a convenient catch tray for the used lapping fluid, allowing for easy cleanup after processing is complete.

Ordering Information

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
14100 NEW PELCO® 14100 Shimmed Lapping Fixture each $890.00
14500 NEW PELCO® 14500 Micrometer-controlled Lapping Fixture, 0.5" each 1300.00
15000 NEW PELCO® 15000 Micrometer-controlled Lapping Fixture, 1" each 2500.00
59320 NEW PELCO® Lapping Tray each 450.00