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XP 8 Grinder, Lapper, Polisher

xp 8 grinder / polisher

This compact 8" Grinder, Lapper, Polisher is well suited for manual finishing of embedded specimens using PSA backed grinding, lapping and polishing (cloths) discs. The housing is made from non-corroding sturdy plastic. The durable 1/4 HP motor has a variable speed control for 80-2000 rpm to select the optimum speed for grinding or polishing. The XP 8 includes a flexible and variable water spout for grinding applications. Ideally suited for smaller labs and priced so that you can afford multiple dedicated XP 8 grinding and polishing systems.

Power 1/4 Hp, 110V, 2.0A (or 230V, 1A)
Disc Size 8" (203mm)
Disc Type Screw back type (1/4"-20 thread)
Speed Control Variable 80-2000 rpm
Water Supply Flexible water spout with variable control
Water Connection 1/4" tubing connection - 6ft 1/4" tubing included
Drain 5/8" tubing connection - 8ft drain hose included
Overall dimensions    15"W x 17-1/2"D x 9-1/2"H (381 x 445 x 241mm)
Weight 19.6 lbs. (8.8kg)
8" disc of the XP 8 The 8" discs of the XP 8 Grinder - Lapper - Polisher are of the screwback type (leaving a flat surface on top) and can be easily exchanged for discs with other grinding / lapping / polishing discs.
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Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
812-350 XP 8 Grinder, Lapper, Polisher, 115V each $1734.00
812-350-230 XP 8 Grinder, Lapper, Polisher, 230V each 1820.00
812-354 Additional 8" Disc for XP 8 each 128.00